Planet Fitness New Year’s Hours 2024

People are very particular about their looks and with every passing day the more attention is going towards maintaining the ideal body. On the New Year people make resolutions and the first and foremost resolution that almost 90% of the people make is to stay fit. It is of course a very good resolution to make and we have no complaints about it. In order to successfully pursue the New Year resolution to stay fit, we should have proper guidance which can be attained from gym. Planet fitness is one such gym that offers its customers wonderful guidance towards achieving their weight loss goals. If you are already a member of Planet Fitness or want to be a part of it in the coming days, you must know Planet Fitness New Year’s Hours first. Here we have covered everything for you.

Is Planet Fitness Open New Year’s Day 2024?

In U.S. there is plethora of gyms located all across the country. But Planet Fitness shot to fame very quickly with its unique 24 hours working concept. It has now 1,500 locations across 50 states and more than 10 million people associated with it. It provides 24-hour fitness programs for its members and has this inspiring tag “judgment-free zone.” Though the 24-hour working principle exists, the shutters still get closed on few holidays or we can call federal holidays.

Planet Fitness New Years Hours
Planet Fitness New Years Hours

Here though we refer them as holidays, the gym doesn’t really undergo complete off. It just works for reduced hours. If Is Planet Fitness Open New Year’s Day 2024 is what you want to know, then read on. The Planet Fitness does close on special occasions like Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, but only for certain period of time. For example, on Christmas Eve, the Planet Fitness closes around 4 PM and opens only after it is 5 AM the next day.

Coming to whether Planet Fitness opens on New Year’s Day or not is completely up to the owner of the club. One has to know that Planet Fitness is a franchise and not all locations are maintained by the same owner. So, it is up to the decision of the owner whether to open the gym or not on the New Year’s Day. However, if you want an immediate reply to it, you better contact the home club of Planet Fitness to get your answer.

As per the information we have, the Planet Fitness New Year’s Day Hours are very much the same as the regular hours. While some of the locations operate 24 hour schedule even on New Year’s Day, some operate at reduced hours giving time for their staff to spend time with their families. Another thing to note is other than holidays, there may be few days when Planet Fitness may reduce the working hours. 

Sometimes, all Planet Fitness locations are open 24 hours with limited services. For instance, a particular service is offered only until particular time on that scheduled day. In a nutshell, the service will be available, but the hours of offering will be reduced. Mostly, on the New Year’s Day, the Planet Fitness club will be open at 7 AM and will close early by 7 PM. 

Planet Fitness New Year’s Eve Hours

Now let us talk about the Planet Fitness New Year’s Eve Hours. On the Eve, the gym will be open mostly in regular hours. The timings may vary for few locations and you can check your home club timings on the Eve through the designated app. Though the gym opens at 5 AM in the morning regularly, it may close early in the evening considering the Eve party and ball drop. 

So, Is Planet Fitness Open On New Year’s Eve 2024 should never be a question. It does operate on the Eve, but at reduced hours instead of its regular 24 hour schedule. The timings however should be confirmed with the local club owners itself. You can also get help from the front desk executive in the gym. 

Wrapping up, these are the Planet Fitness New Year’s Hours according to the information we got. If you think our information is useful, support us by bookmarking our website – NEWYEARWIKI.COM and stay tuned.

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  1. Thanks for providing the New Year’s hours for Planet Fitness! I was wondering when they would post their hours for the upcoming year. I’m glad I can plan ahead and make sure I can get in a workout without any last-minute surprises. Happy New Year!


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