Is Stop & Shop Open On Christmas Day 2023? Stop And Shop Christmas Eve Hours

Preparing special meals for Christmas has been a tradition in many houses. Inviting guests, making them feel at home, and offering them the best festive food is what we have been doing religiously for ages. We know how it feels like when you forget to buy an important ingredient to make that special dish for Christmas, which is why we have come up with Stop And Shop Christmas Eve Hours. No matter how smart we play, we still tend to forget one or other ingredient required to make that special dish at the party. If that happens to you often, you have to keep a check on the Christmas Eve hours of Stop and Shop.

Stop & Shop is a major grocery chain located in the United States. The grocery store is the ultimate store to buy groceries whether it is for regular shopping or festive shopping. If you have to rush at the last minute to shop for some essentials, there is no need to run from pillar to post instead make a quick run to Stop and Shop. But, wait, Is Stop And Shop Open On Christmas Eve? We are going to answer that for you. The store which is open year-round, will it open for Christmas? Let us find that out down here. Keep reading!

Is Stop And Shop Open On Christmas Eve

If you have forgotten an important ingredient for your special dish, there is no need to fret as Stop and Shop got you covered for most of the major holidays. Even during the federal holidays, it maintains regular business hours citing the convenience of its customers. However, Is Stop And Shop Open On Christmas? The answer is Yes. Stop and Shop is open on Christmas Eve. As your preparations start earlier on Christmas Eve, you can check if all the essentials are at your disposal. If not, you can make a quick run down to the Stop and Shop store. 

Not just groceries, you can also shop for fresh bakery items from the store. Furthermore, the store rolls out various discounts and deals on its diverse selection of goods. It also disperses various coupons, rewards, and bonuses during the Christmas season to grab the attention of its customers. Coming to the Stop And Shop Christmas Hours, they are reduced to address the festivities falling on the next day. So, the store opens at 7 AM and closes at 6 PM.

Stop And Shop Christmas Day Hours

Stop and Shop is a ubiquitous supermarket chain in the United States. The store was established in the year 1914 in Somerville, Massachusetts, United States, and has numerous locations across the country at present. The store offers diverse supplies from food to stationary to office to bakery. If you wish to visit Stop and Shop for Christmas and are wondering Is Stop & Shop Open On Christmas Day, the answer is no. Christmas Day is a holiday for Stop and Shop. It is one of the holidays Stop and Shop remains closed for business.

If you have pre-scheduled your visit to Shop & Shop on Christmas Day, we would suggest you reschedule it to a day prior, maybe for Christmas Eve. You can cash on the discounts and deals if you shop on the Eve. However, you can expect a lot of foot traffic on that day. If you are still fine with it, you can happily go grocery shopping at Stop & Shop on Christmas Eve. As the store remains closed, figuring out Stop And Shop Christmas Day Hours won’t be of any use. 


Generally, Stop & Shop is open from 7 AM to 10 PM on regular days. The store timings may slightly vary on special days or federal holidays. Nevertheless, it doesn’t completely close its doors to customers except on Christmas Day. So, be aware of the holiday schedule of Stop & Shop before steering your car to the store. We suggest you call the customer care desk of your local Stop and Shop to confirm the exact business hours on holidays. You can, of course, bookmark our website – newyearwiki – to keep track of the ever-changing business hours of stores like Stop & Shop, especially during the holiday season.

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