Ulta Christmas Eve Hours 2023: Is Ulta Open On Christmas Day?

Women are obsessed with beauty products lately and are using their hard-earned money to buy their favorite beauty products from top brands. While there is online shopping available, offline shopping is still going great guns. One such stop where you can find all varieties of beauty products in one place is Ulta. Ulta is a beauty retailer that sells cosmetics, hair care, skincare, fragrances, and more. In this article, we are going to talk about Ulta Christmas Eve Hours. If you want to visit the store and shop offline for your beauty needs for the upcoming Christmas, you better check the hours first.

Christmas is one of the most significant observances and it is common for businesses to stay close for the holiday. While it is a federal holiday, most of the stores remain shut. However, if you have some last-minute shopping left and are searching for a store to make a quick run down, Ulta Beauty is always there for you to rely on. But, Is Ulta Open On Christmas Eve? If you share the same doubts, you better read this article to the end as we will talk exactly about it. 

Ulta Beauty Christmas Eve Hours

Ulta Beauty has numerous product options available that suit all skin types. Also, you can find the top brands of cosmetics in the store. Furthermore, during the festive season, the store runs various flash or clearance sales. If you want to cash on that opportunity, you have our back. To help you plan your shopping at a relaxing pace, we have brought before you the Ulta Beauty Christmas Eve Hours. Typically, Ulta Beauty is open from 10 AM to 9 PM, but during Christmas, the store makes minor adjustments to its business hours.  

Ulta Beauty is open on Christmas Eve, but the store hours are reduced to citing the festivities on the following day. If you haven’t been to Ulta for a while and have a long list to shop, you might want to check its business hours. If it happens to be the Christmas season, it is more than important to know Is Ulta Open On Christmas before heading there. On Christmas Eve, the store is open for customers from 8 AM to 6 PM, which means the store opens early and closes early. The store maintains these business hours to accommodate last-minute shoppers. 

Is Ulta Open On Christmas Day

Christmas Day is the ideal day to get ready and pose for some memorable pictures with dear ones. Speaking of getting ready, have you bought all your makeup essentials, or have you forgotten something important? If so, you have to check if the nearest Ulta is open or not for Christmas. Is Ulta Open On Christmas Day? The answer is simple and straight, Ulta Beauty is closed on Christmas Day. Just like any other beauty store, Ulta is also closed on Christmas Day. The store again opens on 26th December at its regular hours. If you can wait, you can wait until the next day or finish your shopping on Christmas Eve itself. 

If you are wondering whether there will be any open outlets across the city, we are sorry, but no. None of the Ulta Beauty outlets will be open on Christmas Day. So, you cannot find the Ulta Christmas Day Hours anywhere. If you are still not content with the information we have curated, you can check the same by calling the neighborhood Ulta Beauty store. You can also use their store locator tool using your zip code and find the business hours yourself. 


The wise thing shoppers need to do during the festive season is to shop a considerable time before to avoid 11th-hour trouble. As the Christmas season will be tightly packed for everyone, it is always a good thing to shop early, but if luck doesn’t favor you or you fail to make time for shopping, you have no other way than to shop during Christmas. However, knowing the Ulta Christmas Hours ahead of time can help a great deal in planning peaceful shopping. We hope this article has helped you plan your shopping trip to Ulta smoothly. If so, please bookmark our website – newyearwiki.com and keep checking this page for more useful articles.

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