Are Banks Open New Year’s Eve And New Year’s Day 2024?

Soon we are going to bid farewell to 2023 and welcome yet another beautiful New Year i.e., 2024. There are things that we have to sort out before the year ends and one such important thing would be definitely finance. We have to go visit our banks and see how much we have saved this year and what are the things you have to settle with that money. However, if you want to visit the bank to verify it and coincidentally it is New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, then you have to know the bank hours and bank holidays before doing that. Here we shall be talking about Are Banks Open On New Year’s Eve. You can check out this article if you are planning to visit your bank for the New Year.

Are Banks Open on New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Eve is not a federal holiday, meaning all the offices and businesses will be open. However, the working hours may be reduced citing the New Year’s Eve party. It is up to the employer to decide the working hours of the office or business on the New Year’s Eve. Is New Year’s Eve A Bank Holiday? Coming to the Banks, they are open on the New Year’s Eve too. Almost all the banks will be open on New Year’s Eve and also the hours of working will not be shortened. The operating hours will be pretty normal and customers can visit their respective banks to get their work done. So, New Year’s Eve is not a bank holiday.

Are Banks Open New Year's
Are Banks Open New Year’s

Are Banks Closed On New Year’s Eve? No the banks are not closed on the Eve and people can pay normal visit to their bank. However, some private banks may work for reduced hours. Customers have to check with the respective bank by calling them up to the desk. You will find out whether the hours or reduced or not easily that way. 

Coming to Bank Hours New Year’s Eve, mostly the bank hours on the New Year’s Eve may not vary. If at all vary, as said earlier, it needs to be confirmed with the concerned bank branch. Customers can visit their bank around the normal working hours on the Eve to get the services. The normal working hours will be 9 to 5 as usual. If the working hours are reduced, then the bank may close a bit early like between 2 PM to 4 PM.

Are Banks Open On New Year’s Day 2024?

Now let us talk about Are Banks Open On New Year’s Day 2024?. If you wish to know whether the banks are open on New Year’s Day then the answer is a big No. New Year’s Day is a federal holiday to start with. On a federal holiday no banks will be working even at reduced hours. Even the Federal Reserve will be closed on the New Year’s Day. So customers cannot expect that they can carry out their banking on New Year’s Day just like on remaining days. If you want to do some urgent transaction, then you better do it before the New Year’s Day than get hurry burry in the last minute.

Also, Are Banks Closed On New Year’s Day? Yes, the banks are closed on New Year’s Day and you cannot really get any of the services covered. Either you have to plan your banking earlier than the New Year’s Day or post that day. 

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