Best Christmas Gifts For Coworkers 2023

With the Christmas season nearing, everyone is in a hustle-bustle to get gifts for their dear ones. If you are also among them, you have ended up on the right page. If you are a corporate person, you must know that there is a secret Santa gift exchange session for every Christmas in the office. If you also work in a corporate office and your office also asks the employees to become secret Santa to their co-workers, you have to speed up the gift shortlisting. Gifting coworkers isn’t an easy task as you must first know their priorities before getting them a gift that they will like. Here in this article we did some good research and brought before you some interesting Christmas Gifts for Coworkers that will make your job easy.

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Christmas Gifts For Coworkers

You can check our ideal list here and grab the gift that your coworker likes the most. Our gifts are very budget-friendly and are also decent to exchange in workplaces. We tried to be as practical as possible while picking these gifts. From tech accessories to advanced gadgets and useful stuff, we have compiled a list that meets the budget of everyone. In our list, you can find gifts from $10 and up. Increase your bond with your coworker at the office with these awesome gift ideas. 

Check out our list of Christmas gifts for Coworkers where we have compiled around 50 gift ideas for you. 

1. Mid Century Modern Abstract Fanny Pack

For your coworker who is always on the go, gift this fanny pack that can easily accommodate all her/his essential items. The bag can hold items like a phone, passport, water bottle, keys etc. The bag can be easily carried anywhere like walking, travelling, shopping, hiking etc. The fanny pack comes with 4 zippered compartments and an extra-large main pocket. The pack also has scratch-proof inner zippered pockets for keeping the phone safe. 

2. Gold Keyboard Cover

The keyboard cover is a pretty useful gift given that it protects their much-loved keyboard from dust. Give their workspace an update with this gold keyboard cover. The keyboard cover fits perfectly with most of the top laptop model keyboards. It is made of high-grade silicone material that is soft and flexible. Also, the cover is environmentally friendly and is ultra-thin. The smooth cover gives a comfortable typing experience. 

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3. Smartphone Lens Kit

If your coworker is a great shutterbug, you can gift him this smartphone lens kit for this Christmas. This is one of the best Coworker Christmas Gifts on our list. The kit comes with 11 different cell phone lenses that help you click pictures easily. The lens avoids flares and even ghosting to a great extent. The kit includes a detachable clamp with soft rubber pads that can be easily attached to the device. 

4. Mini Desk Light Bluetooth Speaker

If your coworker is a fan of Marvel, you got the perfect gift for her. You can gift her this mini Bluetooth speaker and Marvel night light for this Christmas. The speaker can be connected to a mobile phone easily and play your favourite music. The lamp can be recharged and looks great as a desk lamp for study or work. The light has the stepless dimming functionality that allows you to reduce the brightness by 10% with a simple touch.

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5. Coffee Mug Warmer

For the coworker who loves coffee very much, gift this coffee mug warmer. As the name implies, the warmer keeps the coffee warm for a long time. Not just coffee, the mug can also heat tea, cocoa, candle wax etc. The warmer is compatible with enamel, metal, ceramic, glass etc. The weight of the mug should be at least 16 oz which activates the gravity induction switch to warm the beverage.

6. City Tote Bags

For a coworker of yours who travels a long way to reach the office, this City Tote Bag comes to great use. You can pick the size of the tote bag depending on the items your coworker carries to the office regularly. The tote bags can not only be used to store essentials, but also the laptop. You can get the best tote bag for your coworker this Christmas and surprise her. It is also a useful gift you can give her. 

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7. Perfumes

Though perfumes are hugely exchanged as gifts between people, they never go out of trend and people always like receiving perfumes as gifts. So, choose a light scented perfume for your coworker that she cherishes to wear every day to the office. Let her woo all the other employees in the office with the lovely fragrance of the perfume. If you are looking for Christmas Gifts For Coworkers Under$10, perfumes are the best option. 

8. A5 Hardcover Notebook – Eucalypt 

If you have seen your coworker jotting down everything on a notebook, you can gift him this A5 Hardcover notebook for this Christmas. The notebook is very sleek in design and interestingly it is made of recycled stone. The notebook is waterproof and tear-resistant, which makes it an ideal gift to give to a coworker. In addition, the leather is vegan and comes with rounded corners. The book also has a ribbon bookmark and elastic closure band.

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9. Mini Humidifier

You can also invest in a mini humidifier to gift your coworker on Christmas. The portable mini humidifier is very convenient to use and carry anywhere. Your coworker can place the mini humidifier in her car, office, bedroom and even carry it while travelling. The humidifier moisturizes the skin very effectively. The humidifier comes with a USB port that operates without a battery. It operates in two spray modes and shutdowns automatically. 

10. Awesome Under-Cabinet Utensil-Holder

If your coworker has recently moved into a new flat, she might need some essentials. If you are thinking of gifting her something that comes in handy, you can gift this under a cabinet utensil holder. The holder easily gets fixed to the cabinet and can hold many kitchen utensils. The holder saves a lot of space and can be used to hang mugs, spoons, dishwashing brushes etc. 

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11. Tea Stick

If your coworker is a tea lover, you can think of giving him/her this tea stick that can help her prepare tasty tea in no time. The tea infusing stick makes it super easy to brew tea from loose leaves. The tea infuser is very functional and comes with four slender slits on the side that allow water to seep in. With the handy infuser, anyone can brew tasty tea in a short period. 

12. BuildLife 1-Gallon Water Bottle

If you want your coworker to be healthy and hydrated, gift him this 1-Gallon water bottle by BuildLife. The bottle has an ergonomic design and sports a time marker on the outside. The marking will help you find out how much water you have consumed throughout the day. The bottles are available in multiple colours. The bottle comes with a wide mouth and you can also use it to store fruit juices. This is one of the decent Christmas Gift Ideas For Coworkers. 

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13. History Medium Weekly Planner

For the coworker who is very disciplined about the work and considers following planners, gifts this Medium Weekly planner from Jstory. The medium size planner is about the size of 5.9 x 8.3 and weighs 0.24lb. The planner comes with 28 sheets and is made of high-quality smooth paper. Say goodbye to pen bleeding with this thick paper planner. The planner is compact and can be carried anywhere. 

14. A Smart Charging Hub

Help your coworker keep her desk clean and mess-free with this smart charging hub that is wireless which eliminates the use of wires and thus no mess. The charging hub can help her charge multiple devices like phone, smartwatch, earpod etc at a time. The USB charging station can offer the fastest charging up to 2.4A per port or 12A. The charging hub is of high quality and is capable of effectively charging multiple devices. 

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15. Mini Backpack

For those who are looking for a lovely secret Santa gift for a girl coworker, this mini backpack is an ideal option. The backpack looks super cool and your coworker will admire you for the gift. The backpack is travel-friendly and can also be carried to the office daily. It can easily fit in notebooks, laptops, notebooks, pens etc. She can even hang cute charms to the zippers of the mini backpack if she wants.

16. Custom Leather Keychains

If your coworker is someone who loses his keys often, you have to think of a way to help him. Why not consider gifting him a custom leather keychain for this Christmas becoming his secret Santa? Great idea right? You can get the leather keychain engraved with his name or initials so that he won’t lose his keychain easily anymore. You can also be very specific while choosing the colour of the keychain. 

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17. Essential Oils

Everyone knows how useful essential oils are for hair and skin. Instead of buying and using them all by yourself, consider gifting them to your coworker for this Christmas. The essential oils also smell very good and so your coworker will appreciate your idea of gifting her with it. You can choose from a wide range of essential oils in the market. Also, it is a very budget-friendly gift to give your coworker.

18. Cord Keeper

If you are looking for Inexpensive Christmas Gifts For Coworkers, consider this cord keeper, which is very much budget-friendly and also is useful. You can either choose leather, rubber or a plastic keeper to keep the cables in place. Help your coworker organize her desk neatly with this cord keeper that is very easy to use and carry. The cord keeper not only eliminates the messy desks but also keeps the earphones tangle-free. 

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19. Smartphone Projector

If you want to go a little expensive with gifting, you can gift this smartphone projector to your coworker. The mini smartphone projector makes for a decent gift for a coworker for Christmas. The projector supports 1920x1080P high-resolution projection. It has 50,000 hours of projector lamp that lasts for around 30 years. The projector comes with a mini SD card slot, VGA, composite video, HDMI and USB ports. 

20. ErgoFoam Ergonomic Footrest

For the coworker who is a workaholic and doesn’t care about his health, gift this ErgoFoam Ergonomic Footrest for this Christmas. The footrest is made of pure memory foam and is very comfortable. It gives great support to the foot and relaxes it. For the work from a home coworker, gift this ergonomic footrest and see how happy they will feel on receiving such a thoughtful gift. 

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21. Weighted Bangles

For the fitness freak coworker, gift these weighted bangles for this Christmas. The weights give hands-free resistance to the workouts and are apt for both wrists and ankles. The bangles are available in free size and are adjustable. They come with elastic bands and are very strong and are made for both men and women. They are simple in design and are made of high-quality materials. Also, these bangles are available in multiple colours.

22. 18 Pcs Cable Protector for iPhone Charging Cable

Gift this girly charging cable protector set to the coworker who loves cute stuff. The package includes 18 pcs USB cable protectors like fish, insects, fruit, dinosaurs etc. These cables are suitable for iPhone/iPad original USB charger cables. These protectors cover the entire cable and are compact enough to carry anywhere. These mini cable protectors keep the cable safe from damage and breaking. 

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23. Tiled Margot Monogram Mug

A monogrammed mug is also a lovely gift to present to a coworker on Christmas. The mug looks very elegant and stylish on her desk. It is microwave safe and can be carried anywhere. The mug comes with authentic monogram designs that look pretty good for home and office use. The tiled Margot model mug is dishwasher safe but should be handled with care because of its monogram design.

24. Small Plant Pot

If your coworker likes pants and has a few around her desk and on the desk, gift her this small plant pot that looks super cool. The floral plant pot is apt for both indoors and outdoors. The tiny plant pots can be used to grow herbs. The small pots come with a drainage hole at the bottom and a bamboo tray to keep the base safe. The bamboo tray doesn’t allow the water to flow out. 

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25. Books

A good book can help you learn a lot of things and if your coworker is a bookworm, you can gift him a best seller in the market right now. Choose the right book by considering the things like what kind of books he likes to read the most and stuff so that you will end up getting the right book for him. Add one more limited edition book to his bookshelf this Christmas. 

26. Laptop Sleeves

For fashion lovers, these laptop sleeves could make for a wonderful Christmas present. The laptop sleeves are available in different patterns and colours to pick from. So, you have to find out the favourite colours and patterns of your coworker and then order the right laptop sleeve for her. The sleeves are also available for ultrabooks other than for laptops. The laptop sleeves are slim in design and can be easily carried anywhere.

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27. Stasher Platinum-Silicone Reusable Storage Bag

For snacks lovers, Stasher Platinum-Silicone Reusable Storage Bag is one of the best Coworker Christmas Gift Ideas. Made of platinum silicone, the storage bag highly eliminates the use of use and throw plastic bags. These bags don’t contain any BPA, PVC, or latex. The air-tight bag can keep the snack food safe and fresh for a long time. The bag is dishwasher and microwave safe. 

28. Leather Mouse Pad

A leather mouse pad can also make for a decent Christmas gift for a coworker at the office. It is a very simple yet useful gift that you can present to your friend at the office. The pad is made of double-sided oak leather that is soft, breathable and environmentally friendly. The leather is of high quality and is pretty durable too. It is slip-proof and also protects the desktop from dust and spills. 

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29. Better Cold Brew

For the cold coffee lover, this better cold brew is an ideal gift for Christmas. The maker comes with a 1-year warranty and brews excellent cold coffee instantly. The high-pressure nozzle comes with NitroPress that make a smooth drink. There are no plugs required to operate this cold brew machine. It is completely made of stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. In just one go you can make two cold coffees. 

30. Rechargeable LED-Lighted Travel Magnifying Mirror

For the coworker who is obsessed with makeup, this rechargeable LED-lighted travel magnifying mirror is a pretty thoughtful Christmas gift. The USB rechargeable mirror can be changed easily with a power bank or laptop. The mirror sports 1x magnification on one side and a 10x magnifying makeup mirror on the other side. Your coworker can now look at the makeup in detail with this magnifying mirror. Also, it is foldable and compact in design. 

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31. Omoton Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

Omoton Adjustable cell phone stand could also be a choice for Christmas gifts for many. Your coworker may find it difficult to hold her phone at times while taking office calls, so why not gift this phone stand that can easily hold the phone at the right angle? The stand can rotate at 270 degrees to meet the rotating needs of the user. It is durable and has great stability. The quality of the product is also quite good.

32. Yamazaki Desk Bar Storage

Help your coworker keep his/her desk clean and organized by gifting them this Yamazaki Desk Bar Storage. Made of steel/wood, this is a perfect stand that can hold a whole of things from documents to pens to keys to coins to watches to glasses. The storage adds a unique touch to the desk. It comes with a base tray for storing the stuff and a compartment arm for hanging items. 

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33. Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens

Fountain pens are always loved by people and if you want to gift something simple to your coworker, give her this Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens set. The pens come in a new modern design and are very fashionable. The speciality of these pens is that they need no maintenance at all and you can easily use them for a long time. The stainless steel nib and advanced liquid ink ensure smooth writing. 

34. OrgaNice Hourglass Sand Timer

The hourglass looks great on the desk, so why not gift it to the coworker at the office? The Hourglass stand timer from OrgaNice is an elegant and sturdy sand timer that helps your coworker track the time easily. This timer will help your coworker to be more productive at work with the timed work. The countdown sand timer will help them achieve their goals wisely and fastly. 

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35. Jonathan Adler Tomato Pop Candle

If you are looking for Christmas Gifts For Female Coworkers you can consider grabbing this Adler Tomato Pop Candle. It not only falls in the budget but is also a decent gift to give a female coworker. The double cased glass with a red exterior looks great on her desk. It contains white wax and burns for 40 hours approximately. As the name says it looks just like a tomato. 

36. Bedsure Fleece Blanket Throw

Bedsure Fleece Blanket Throw is also a useful gift to give a coworker for Christmas. It is both inexpensive and is also not too heavy. The blanket comes in various colours and gives a very warm feeling. The blanket is made with premium micro-fleece yarns that give a velvety feel. The blanket keeps you warm without being too heavy. It is pretty durable and is made of 100% polyester microfiber.

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37. Russell+Hazel Acrylic Collator Bookends

If your coworker is an avid reader, he must own many books. If that is the case get this Russell+Hazel Acrylic Collator Bookends for this Christmas. The stand can help him organize all his books neatly. With this bookshelf at hand, they can now organize the mail, books, documents in style. As it is a transparent shelf he can easily find the book or document from it. 

38. Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask

Mavogel cotton sleep eye mask is the best ergonomic sleeping mask that fits all head sizes. The sleep mask uses a patented bending cartilage design which is durable and adjustable. The mask blocks the lights effectively and ensures great sleep. The mask is made of a soft cotton triangle wing design and keeps the eyes relaxed. It feels soft on the skin and is breathable too. 

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39. VersionTech Mini Handheld Fan

For the coworker who loves to sit under the fan all the time, gift this mini handheld fan from VersionTech. The mini fan has adjustable speed levels from low/medium/high. The fan has a power button that can help you change the speed options. The fan has 6 blades that produce strong wind that can cover a distance of up to 3m. Also, the fan is foldable up to 180°.

40. Aluratek 8-Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame

Aluratek 8-Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame is one of the finest gifts to give to the coworker on Christmas eve. The digital photo frame allows the users to view high-quality photos on the 8 inches TFT true colour LCD at 800 x 600 resolution. The frame is made of a high-quality wood frame with pretty easy controls. The slideshow of the images starts as soon as the frame is powered on. The frame supports various formats of pictures.

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41. Uniwit Mini Portable Microphone

For the coworker who has to address the employees quite often, gift this Uniwit mini portable microphone for this Christmas. The length of the microphone is only 58 mm and it looks very cute and small. It is compatible with all types of smartphones, laptops, computers, notebooks etc. The desktop mic comes with a stand so that she can stay hands-free while talking. It can also be used for voice recording and internet chatting. 

42. Esarora Ice Roller for Face and Eyes

Ice roller for face and eyes from Esarora also makes for a fantastic gift for your female coworker. She can include the roller in her morning massage routine before makeup. It helps remove the pores and calms the skin instantly. The roller removes wrinkles and works on dry skin very well. It also effectively removes fatigue from the eyes and temples. The roller also removes the sunburns due to sun exposure.

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43. Aylio Coccyx Orthopedic Comfort Foam Seat Cushion

For your coworker who just sits at her desk all day long immersed in work without worrying about her tailbone, gift this Aylio Coccyx Orthopedic Comfort Foam Seat Cushion. The seat cushion helps remove the pressure off the spine easily. It effectively removes the back soreness and discomfort that are caused due to prolonged sitting. The cushion gives great comfort to the buttocks with its smooth surface. 

44. Raccoon Tycoon

If your coworker likes to play board games a lot, gift her this Raccoon Tycoon which is very interesting. It is a very engaging board game and super fun to play. Gift her this puzzle game so that she can have wonderful weekends at home with her family. The Fat Cat expansion puzzle looks simple but is not that easy to complete the puzzle. The game has new rules that require new strategies and good play. 

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45. Celestron Elements FireCel

For a colleague who loves to run and do sport irrespective of the weather, this hand warmer is a thoughtful gift to present. The Celestron Elements FireCel is one of the best hand warmers that operates at even 101 degrees Fahrenheit. With a single charge, it can last up to 7 hours. It takes 6 hours to completely charge. The interesting part is that it can also be used as a power bank to charge mobile phones. 

46. Fatuxz Digital Skin Detector Pen

The digital skin detector pen from Fatuxz is a wonderful invention that can easily tell the skin condition like whether it is dehydrated or having any other skin issues. The instrument is made of eco-friendly material and is safe to use. The device can easily detect whether the skin is short of water and analyzes the skin problems if any. It also suggests the skin products that should be brought on board to handle the skin condition. It features an LCD with a backlight. 

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47. Two bags of Bazzini’s colossal pistachio nuts

Everyone knows how healthy Pistachio nuts are and if you wish for your coworker to stay healthy, give Two bags of Bazzini’s colossal pistachio nuts to them as a Christmas gift. Pista is rich in protein and is very delicious to consume. They need to be consumed daily to attain protein for the body. These pista are shelled and your coworker will have a relaxing time opening the shell and eating.

48. Voyager Insulated Travel Coffee Mug Tumbler

For those of you who are still on the lookout for the Best Christmas Gifts For Coworkers, consider this insulated travel coffee mug tumbler. For the travel lover, this coffee mug tumbler comes to great use as it is spillproof and comes with a vacuum-insulated double-layered design. The insulation ensures that your coffee stays cold or hot for a long time. While the heat can be maintained for up to 12 hours, the cold beverage can stay cold for up to 24 hours. 

49. Laura Ashley Embroidered Soft Terry Scuff Slippers

If your coworker likes comfort in style, gift her these Laura Ashley Embroidered Soft Terry Scuff Slippers. She is not going to wear her long heels anymore as she gets addicted to wearing these soft and plush slippers. The polka dot design on the slippers gives them a stylish look and are very comfortable to wear. The slippers are available in various colours and come with cushioned soles.

50. 5-PACK Succulent Plants, 2″ Assorted Potted Succulents

Liven up the desk of your coworker by gifting her this 5-PACK Succulent Plants, 2″ Assorted Potted Succulents. The greenery on their desk gives them positive vibes all day long. These succulents need no water, no sunlight to survive. They are like decorative plants for the office desk or home. They are in sizes of 4.5 x 3.5 inches which means they don’t occupy more space on the desk.


We are wrapping up our Christmas Gifts For Coworkers here, but we are sure to come back and add more of the fun and interesting gifts very soon. You can check out our page often to grab new ideas on what to gift the coworkers for various occasions other than Christmas. You can bookmark our website NewYearWiki so that you can easily get back to us to check the latest updates we are doing on our page. We hope your coworker appreciates the gift you picked for them and they find it very useful. If you have any suggestions for us, feel free to comment on them in the comments section below.

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