Best Family Christmas Gifts 2023

Christmas has arrived and brought along the gifting season. It is the best holiday season when the entire family comes together to celebrate the festival on a grand note. It is the right time to gift our dear ones and shower our love and gratitude on them. If your kinship group is quite large and consists of people of different age groups, it will be hard for you to pick gifts for them as per their tastes. However, fret not as we have your back. We have come here today to share with you our Family Christmas Gifts. You can either make use of these gift ideas and buy gifts for your family members or simply draw inspiration from them.

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Family Christmas Gifts

These gift ideas are compiled considering a lot of factors and so you won’t be missing any important gift ideas from this list. We have covered the home chef to a movie buff. These gifts are literally for everyone and you are sure to receive appreciation for your gift ideas. Our family gift ideas are going to win over all the people in your family for certain and you are going to feel that pride when they splash a big smile at you on unwrapping the gift. You can even take them back down to their memory lane by gifting them meaningful gifts on Christmas Eve.

Check out our awesome Christmas gift ideas for the family here. 

1. Electric Popcorn maker

A movie night without popcorn is incomplete. If you often watch movies with your entire family, you should buy this electric popcorn maker so that it can make popcorn in no time. Especially if your family members enjoy eating popcorn, you should just go for it already. The machine can make 60 oz of popcorn in just 2 to 3 minutes. No oil is needed and it fries the corn using the air popping method. Also, it is a healthier version of popcorn. 

2. Tempur-Pedic Weighted Blanket

A plush blanket is a great way to keep your dear ones cosy all day, especially during the winters. If you are up for a lot of parties during the night, you might need a lot of weighted blankets for your family members. They promote stress relief and keep your dear ones calm while in sleep. The cover is made of 100% Polyester and is machine washable. There are different weight options available in the weighted blankets like 15 lb and 20 lb and you can choose accordingly for your family.

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3. Scratch-Off World Travel Map

For the family who loves to explore the world, but couldn’t easily decide where to travel, the scratch-off world travel map is the right gift. It is the best interactive gift you can give to your family and everyone will be pretty excited to scratch off the map as it will disclose the place you all will be travelling to in the coming future. You can get the framed map so that it stays sturdy even after repeated scratches.

4. Bonfire

If you are planning for a vacation with your family, you must also think about a Bonfire setting outdoors. Isn’t it? If you are looking for a portable and budget-friendly bonfire, it is right here. You can get a mini fire pit that only weighs 1lb that contains a heated-proof pad. It is an eco-friendly bonfire and is made of recycled materials and non-toxic and safe soy wax. The bonfire lasts roughly for 3 to 5 hours and can be used multiple times. 

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5. Cupcake Maker

Cupcakes are everyone’s favourite. If your kids and the other family members love to eat cupcakes a lot, it is a good idea to get a cupcake maker home so that there is no need to go out every day to buy cupcakes. You can prepare your own healthy and yummy cupcakes at home very easily with the help of this cupcake maker. The machine can make cupcakes in less than ten minutes. 

6. Professional Heavy Duty Citrus Juicer

Looking for ultimate Family Christmas Gift Ideas? Consider getting the professional heavy duty citrus juicer that can extract fresh juice manually in no time. Juice is a very common thing that people have during breakfast in every household. However, if your family is large, it may be difficult to extract orange juice manually. So having the juicer at hand makes it pretty easy to extract the juice. The interesting thing is that the juicer can extract juice irrespective of the size of the orange.

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7. Outdoor Golf Game

For the family who loves to golf in their free time, gifting outdoor golf games is an ideal gift. This golf set is perfect for the beach, backyard or even indoors. The set comes packed with 11.5 feet green mat, 2 putters, 4 golf balls, 12 hold covers and two flags. All these items come in a carrying bag. The green mat is made of anti-skid rubber material and grass that is super durable. You can also play a pong game on this mat.

8. Rolling Cargo Bag

Gift the rolling cargo bag to your family members so that they can easily transport or carry their luggage while travelling. The rolling cargo bag comes with a spacious compartment and can accommodate a lot of clothes and stuff. It also has in-line skate wheels that are easy to roll on any surface. The bag also has a retractable handle that extends up to 21″ inches. The bag is secured by a hideaway zippered enclosure handle.

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9. Fire TV Stick (3rd Gen) with Alexa Voice Remote

If your entire family is obsessed with binge-watching the latest releases, get the 3rd generation Fire TV Stick with Alexa voice remote control. You can stream all the popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Peacock etc with the fire tv stick. Stream your favourite content in full HD right on your TV with this device. You can have access to more than 1 million movies and TV shows on the aforementioned platforms. 

10. Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

If your family members enjoy singing and are good bathroom singers, it is time that you gift them a Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone so that they can now have their singing sessions right in their private room. You can also transform a room into a karaoke room and start singing songs with them. There is no need for a Karaoke machine as it can be simply connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth to work.

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11. Family Definition Print

If yours is a huge family, it is important to stay on one word and take the same path. Also, it is very essential to teach the children how important family is. To do that, simply put up Family Definition Print in the living room so that your kids will read it every time they cross that space. It will be rooted deep in their minds when they see it often. You can simply download the print and get it framed. 

12. Pizza Making Kit

Another useful Christmas Gift For the Family is a Pizza Making kit. Yes! Who doesn’t like pizza? It is everyone’s favourite. So, why wait for the restaurant to deliver it and why not try it at home? If this idea sinks in with you well, you can invest in a pizza making kit that includes a Spatula Paddle, Pizza Cutter Wheel, Pizza Server, Silicone Oven Mitt and Silicone Baking Mat. The Spatula Paddle comes with a foldable wooden handle and is made of food-grade aluminium.

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13. Personalized Family Name Metal Sign

If you are entering your new house and celebrating a housewarming, you can get a personalized family name metal sign. The metal signs are available in different themes and patterns. You can pick the style of sign you would like to hang on the door of your new house. Made of metal, wood and acrylic, this product is available in different colours and sizes. You can get the plate personalized by using the initials of all your family members.

14. Fire Fishing Pole

If your hobby is going fishing with your family members, you must have this fire fishing pole that will make your job easy and more fun. The combo kit comes with a collapsible fishing pole, fishing rod, spincast reel, tackle box, fishing line cutter, travel bag etc. You can catch the fish as soon as you set up everything and have a feast if you are good at cooking seafood. 

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15. Matching Pajama

How about getting matching pyjamas for all your family members? Interesting right? We are sure about it. Get your family members matching pyjamas that they can wear and roam around. These pyjamas can be worn even in the daytime and you can comfortably roam around the lanes around your house in them. Also, they are soft and cosy and are perfect winter wear. They come in different sizes, colours and patterns. 

16. Family Gathering: Questions to Start Great Conversations

Not everything you have will have enough topics to make interesting conversations. That is exactly when you will need this conversation starter kit. If you are short of ideas to talk with your family and have a great time, you can use this kit and start the conversation. You will be surprised to know what is hidden deep in the hearts of your kids and your parents or other family members by raising the questions in this kit. 

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17. Grilled Cheese Toaster

A grilled Cheese Toaster is also the best gift for the family for Christmas. The toaster comes with two extra-wide slots which allow you to make an extra-large cheese sandwich in the comfort of your house. Also, you can add more ingredients like ham, tomatoes, bacon, cheese etc to make it extra yummy. You can even try out a unique way of grilling cheese sandwiches with this toaster. The toaster comes with simple controls like Cancel, Preheat, and Defrost.

18. Connected Friendship Lamps

If you believe in Telepathy and by chance, if you are away from your house, you can gift your family the connected lamps or connected telepathy friendship lamps. These lamps will light up in the same colour in your house when you touch them from a remote location. You have to use Wifi to run these lamps. You can set around 200 colours and also you can assign different colours for different moods. 

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19. Custom Engraved Cutting Board

A cutting board is regularly used in every household and if you want to gift something useful with added meaning to a family member who is very close to you, you can get a custom engraved cutting board. Yes! You can either get it engraved with his/her favourite song or a poem that they often recite to get inspiration. You can also engrave their favourite recipe on the board for them.

20. Wireless Charger

If the people in your house often fight over a charger, you should get a wireless charger for them this Christmas. The wireless charger charges almost all types of phones and that too without taking off the phone case. The charger can charge phones with cases that are up to 6 mm thick. The charger stand comes with an adjustable coil that provides a large space for charging devices. In addition, the stand gets folded as any other wireless charging pad. 

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21. Chelsea Wall Mount Indoor Fireplace

If you don’t own a fireplace at your home, gift your family a Chelsea wall mount indoor fireplace this Christmas and help them survive this chilly season in a warm and cosy way. This fireplace can be fit into any room, garage, office or basement. It comes with a heater and a timer and corresponding settings. If you just want to watch the flames, you can do that as well by choosing the no-heat option. 

22. Make-Your-Own Hot Sauce Kit

You can also consider gifting Hot sauce kits to your family if they eat stuff that requires the use of a lot of sauce. You can create your recipes using these hot spices at hand. If your family members like hot sauces a lot and regularly use them, gifting them one would be a thoughtful idea. The kit includes six different spices allspice, black cumin, curry powder, achiote, Jamaican jerk, and ginger. 

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23. Mindful Phone Keeper

If you are sick of your and your family members’ screen time daily, you can do one thing to reduce it. Get a mindful phone keeper that can help you keep away all your smart devices after use. Ask your family members to voluntarily keep the devices away that would not only keep their eyes safe but also gives them enough time to stay together, eat together and have fun together. 

24. Initial Necklace

If you are well-versed with the birthstone initials of your entire family, you can easily prepare these stylish initial necklaces for them all, especially for the beautiful women in your house. The initial necklace is always on-trend and your wife, mother, sister or daughter may truly appreciate this gift. You can get the initials printed on a leaf and gift them to your dear family members on Christmas. 

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25. Portable Electric Hot Water Kettle

It is very essential to drink hot water and a water kettle comes to great use at times when you don’t have the choice of using the stove. The portable kettle boils up to one litre of water in no time and it makes the life of the women easy as anyone can heat the water with the kettle and not just them. The kettle can also be carried anywhere and simply plug in and pour enough water into the container to heat. 

26. Echo Glow Smart Lamp

The kids in your house will adore this gift a lot as it gives out a calming glow and is a very smart lamp. This would be one of the lovely Christmas Gifts For The Family, more specifically kids. The device can be controlled using an Echo Dot Kids Edition which is again controlled by Alexa.   However, Echo Glow does not contain speakers or microphones.

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27. 100 Movies Scratch-Off Poster

100 Movies Scratch-off posters are a great way to pick the movie to watch with your entire family when everyone is fighting to decide over it. You can simply ask anyone in your family to scratch off the grey part to reveal the movie name. The poster consists of blockbusters and award-winning movies from different languages. You can also find different genres of movies in the list from classics to rom coms to thrillers and much more.

28. Grand Signature Basket

A gift basket is a very simple, yet very useful gift to give to your family as it comes packed with a lot of different stuff.  It is a perfect gift for any occasion and has treats that everyone will look forward to unwrapping. The basket comes packed with lots of delicious chocolates, bears, sweets, nuts and more. You can also leave a personalized message for your dear ones in the basket.

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29. Personalized Family Candle

If you are away from your family and wish to give them something that they remember you every time they use it, get a personalized family candle for them. Warm the spirit of your loved ones by gifting them this family candle. You can get the candle personalized with a message on it. The candle made of pure soy wax can burn up to 45 to 50 hours. It also gives out fresh fragrance. 

30. Rose Gold Birthstone Necklace

A birthstone necklace is yet another trending gift that is most commonly exchanged on festive occasions between dear ones. You can gift your mother or wife or both birthstone necklaces this Christmas as they will cherish them forever. Get ready as they sizzle you by donning the beautiful birthstone necklaces. Also, the rose gold birthstone necklace comes within your budget. You can also pick other metal chains like gold or platinum as per your budget.

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31. Monogrammed Tumblers

Monogrammed tumblers can also be gifted to parents or siblings on Christmas eve as a present. Help your family members stay hydrated all the time by gifting them these monogrammed tumblers that they can carry anywhere with them. These unconventional tumblers will woo your parents and siblings like never before. They will start drinking everything from the tumbler itself from now on. Not just water, the tumbler can also accommodate hot tea or coffee. 

32. Custom Family Names Pillow Cover

Custom Family Names Pillow Cover is also a thoughtful gift idea for your kid. The pillow cover comes with a single-sided print and with no insert. It is available in different sizes, colours, patterns and themes. You can choose the cover you like and get it printed with your family names. Your parents will love keeping it on the sofa as an attraction for the guests. 

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33. Custom Hometown Map Puzzle

Who doesn’t like their hometown? So, present this custom hometown map puzzle to your family so that they will indulge in solving the puzzle. It will be quite interesting to solve the puzzle of their hometown where they were born and brought up as it will have all their favourite places. With this gift, you are going to take them down their memory lane. It also improves their memory skills. 

34. Indoor Snowball Fight Kit

If you cannot go on a vacation to a snowy place this time, but still long to play with the snowballs, you can order them online. Yes! You can order an indoor snowball fight kit online and play with them with your family members. The kit comes with 30 play snowballs in a drawstring bag. They feel like real snowballs but are not wet like them. You can plan for weekends to play snowball catch games with your dear ones at home. 

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35. Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier

If your family members have some allergy issues, you can gift them a blue pure 211+ air purifier this Christmas that comes of great use to them. The air purifier comes with a premium particle and activated carbon filter that is durable and long-lasting. The filter can be easily removed and replaced with a new one once in 6 to 8 months. The air purifier is capable of capturing up to 99.97% of particles from your indoors.

36. 6-Person Camping Tent

If you are planning for a long trip with your family this Christmas season, you can get a 6-person camping tent. It is one of the ideal Family Gift Ideas For Christmas you can present to your kin. The tent is spacious and can accommodate 6 people. You can happily go camping in any place with this tent at hand. It is a waterproof tent and comes with two mesh storage bags. There is also a hook at the centre of the tent to hold the lantern.

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37. Personalized Family Mugs

This Christmas gift your family members personalized family mugs and see that they will enjoy their morning coffee even more by sipping it from them. You can get each mug personalized with their name and photo so that they will not confuse their mugs. You can also go the extra mile and get their favourite poem or lyric printed on the mug for them. 

38. Custom Family Illustration

No matter how many portraits your room has, you may still want to add more fun to your wall. If that is the case, you can get a custom family illustration for your family this Christmas Eve. Pick the best family portrait you ever had and customize it as per your taste and your family members’ taste and gift it to them on Christmas. Your living room wall will get a new addition to it and also everyone will love it. 

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39. Echo Dot Kids Edition

Echo Dot is a popular smart device that is being used around a lot, the kid’s edition of it is also an exception in the way that comes with parental controls. Help your kids learn and grow with this kid’s edition of Echo Dot. Your kids may not come to you to solve their math problems anymore as they have Alexa with them now to do the job. Your kids can set alarms, ask questions to Alexa and watch kid-friendly content like audible books, games, educational content etc. 

40. Kodak Instant Camera

These days photo printing is very rarely seen as digital photos are being largely used. However, if you like to have printed copies of your memories, you need not rush to a xerox shop or so. You can simply get an instant camera that can print your picture instantly. This Christmas, gift your family members that are obsessed with capturing pictures this Kodak instant camera that can print 2×3” photos. There is no need to use ink or film as it uses Kodak Zink Photo Paper.

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41. Cable Protectors

Having a big family is not a problem, but having many chargers is a headache to deal with. Especially protecting them from getting broken is a difficult thing to do. So, to protect them from breakage, you can gift your family members cable protectors or critters that not only look cute and decent but also help them protect their cables. There are a lot of designs of protectors available and you can pick according to their liking.

42. Personalized Puzzle Pieces Keychain

Another big problem in every household is missing keychains or mixing up keychains. If you face the same issue in your house as well, it is time to replace all your old keychains with these personalized puzzle pieces keychains. For example, gift your parents a puzzle keychain with their names on it. Ask them to complete the puzzle when they are back home. You can also get taglines engraved on the keychains and gift them to your family members. 

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43. HP03 Portable Mini Movie Projector

If you already own a firestick and had a movie scratch-off poster ready with fresh popcorn at hand, you must now invest in getting a mini-movie projector so that all your clan members can watch the movie on the big screen sitting in the same room. The mini home theatre projector is equipped with a 2000:1 contrast ratio and 1080p resolution. Also, the images are 35% clearer and brighter with this projector. 

44. 2-Quart Automatic Ice Cream Maker

If your family members are obsessed with eating ice creams, they might need this ice cream maker for sure. The 2-Quart Automatic ice cream maker is a simple machine to operate to prepare tasty ice cream in just a few minutes. The fully automatic heavy-duty ice cream maker has a stainless steel body and can make not just ice cream, but also yoghurt. You will also get a recipe book with this maker. 

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45. Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

The Duo 7-in-1 electric pressure cooker comes to great use for your parents or wife or siblings who are looking to get a multi-functional machine to cook. It can cook rice, slow cook, pressure cook, make yoghurt, steam, can be used as a saute pan and also warm food. With just one touch you can cook any recipe you like from soups to rice to beans to desserts and more. It is finger-print resistant and has a dishwasher-safe lid.

46. Triumph 6-Player Croquet Set

For family members who love playing backyard games, the Triumph 6-player Croquet Set is an ideal Christmas Gifts For the Family. It is a game for 6 persons and the set comes with wooden mallets, stakes, wire wickets, and balls in a carrying bag. The six multicoloured solid wood handles are very durable and the wood mallet heads are also very sturdy. All these playable can be transported easily in the storage bag given. 

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47. Travel Scope 60 DX Portable Telescope

The screen time is quite high these days in most houses and it is high time we come out of it and swap it with some other useful thing. Why not replace it with a star-gazing session with your entire family. Great idea right? So without delay get a travel scope 60 DX portable telescope that comes with two eyepieces and an adjustable tripod. Take turns and gaze at the beautiful night sky and experience nature.

48. Insulated Leakproof Picnic Basket Cooler

If picnics are on the cards for your family, it is good to have an insulated leak-proof picnic basket cooler. The basket uses one-piece stitching technology so it can keep the food hot or cold for 6 hours. Carry fresh food to the picnic every time you go with this basket in hand. The bag is made of sturdy polyester canvas that is more durable. It also comes with a three-layer design that is waterproof and comes with a handle. 

49. Personalized Photo Album

Albums are a great way to look and reminisce about the beautiful memories once lived. The album comes with a leather cover which gives an elegant look to the album and also keeps the album safe. The leather cover has on it “Our Family Adventures”. You can buy the album and personalize it with all the pictures of your family beautifully. The album comes in different sizes and patterns. 

50. Bronze Family Tree with Hanging Picture Frames 

If you have enough frames and wall arts in your house, you can now invest in a Bronze Family Tree with hanging picture frames. You can pick up all the cherished photos of your family members and fix them into the photo frames of the family tree. The tree comes with a stable base and can be placed on any even surface like a tabletop or desk. The tree comes with 6 frames all of which are durable. 


This ends our list of Family Christmas Gift ideas. We hope that you like our gift ideas and that you also shortlisted the gift you wish to gift your family for this Christmas to make their festival more special. If you like our collection, bookmark our website – NEWYEARWIKI.COM and stay connected. We will soon be adding more gift ideas to this page for our regular readers. You can visit us again to check out the latest Christmas gift ideas for family members.

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