Best Christmas Gifts For Friends 2023

Christmas is one of the biggest festivals that the world of people come together to celebrate. On such an auspicious day, it is ideal to gift your friends something memorable. You can gift anything that you feel like gifting them that could make their Christmas even more special. The gift reflects the effort you have put into getting it and also what they mean to you. Friends are soulmates who travel with us and stay by our side thick and thin. They should always be given a special place in your heart and should be treated well. If you lack ideas on what to gift to your friend on Christmas eve, check out our list of Christmas Gifts for Friends. You will be pleased with the gifts collection we have come up with.

Christmas Gifts For Friends

You can find all kinds of gifts for both boys and girls and of any age on our list. We made sure to pick the trendy gifts and also are useful. For every kind of friend you have, we have a gift on this page. We brought before you the hidden gems that can be gifted to your friends on Christmas to make their festival even more festive.

1. Personalized Frames

Personalized frames never go out of trend. You would already have hundreds of memorable pictures with your bestie. Why not get the best pictures framed as a gift for Christmas? There are plenty of personalized frames online and you can pick the frame you like the most or as per the taste of your friend. Add the pictures of you both to the personalized frame and gift it to your friend on Christmas eve. 

2. Fun Notepad

Fun notepad is such a thoughtful gift you can give to your friend. Your friend might be going through a stressful phase of life and if you want to ease it, give him/her this fun notepad that adds humour to his life. This is a perfect gift for coworkers or friends that will keep your friend going even in tough times. They come in great quality and are colourful. Each notepad comes with some 50 sheets, each containing hilarious messages.

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3. Desk Decorations

If you want to gift your friend something that they can use daily or look at daily, go for desk decorations. Yes! As he/she spends most of the time at his desk, he will remember you and your effort every time he sees the decorations on his desk. You can choose any sort of decoration for the desk like frames, notepads, collages, mugs etc. 

4. Photo Board

Photo Board is one of the Best Friend Christmas Gifts. You can order a rustic looking photo board and fill it up with all the memorable pictures of your friend from his childhood to the present day and surprise him with this gift. There are a variety of photo boards online from which you can choose the board you like the most. The board can handle up to 20 pictures and can be hung on a wall.

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5. Personalized Bottle Opener

If your friend likes to drink often he might need a bottle opener a lot. Instead of getting him a normal bottle opener, get him a personalized one so that he will remember you whenever he uses it. You can either print his favourite picture on the opener or engrave a lovely message for him on it. He would be surprised to receive such a meaningful gift from you.

6. The Five Minute Journal

Journal writing is a very good habit for anyone. There is no age limit as such for writing a journal. If you want to gift something that can help him grow as a person from his own mistakes, gift him this five-minute journal. It can help him a great deal in bettering himself. Gift him a five-minute journal and ask him to jot down what he is grateful for every morning. 

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7. Manicure Kit

Manicure gives such a soothing experience and everyone wants to get it often, but with the hectic schedules and tight budges, it may not be possible to get one. So, gift your best friend the manicure kit so that she can pamper hair nails just by sitting at home. The manicure kit consists of nail polish, cuticle cream, nail file, nail extensions etc. 

8. Photo Coasters

Photo Coasters can also make for a beautiful gift for Christmas to a friend. You can simply insert photos into the coasters and gift them to your friend on Christmas eve as a gift. You can either insert funny photos or even quotes or pressed flowers etc into the coasters. The coaster comes with magnetic closure, acrylic stencil and a finger cutout which makes assembling a very easy task.

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9. Quote Book

Inspiration and motivation are pretty important in life and if you think your friend needs them at the moment, gift him a quote book. You can either gift him a published quotes book by popular authors, or you can compile a quote book for your friend. You can categorize the quotes depending on the subject and make a quote book, especially for your friend. 

10. Essential Oil Diffuser

If your friend admires natural things a lot, mark this gift especially for her. The essential oil diffuser brightens not just the home, but also the mood of the people around. Add a breathtaking aroma to their house with the essential oil diffuser. Pick different essential oils that smell heavenly and pack them together with the diffuser so that she can try different fragrances every time she uses the diffuser. 

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11. Phone Card Holders

If you are looking for an affordable yet useful gift for your friend, get him this phone cardholder. The holder looks quite stylish and at the same time is convenient to carry anywhere. They eliminate the use of seperate purses or wallets. They can be carried along with the smartphone and accommodate important cards like credit cards, IDs etc. The holder is made of high-quality leather.

12. Custom Mouse Pad

Looking for simple yet amazing Christmas Gift Ideas For Friends? The mouse pad can come to your rescue right away. Custom mouse pads are of late very trending and people are using them a lot for gaming and office use. If your friend lacks one, gift him a custom mouse pad immediately for this Christmas. You can find intricate printing custom mousepads to brightly coloured and patterned mouse pads online. You can choose the mouse pad that suits your friend’s taste.

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13. Stepping Stone And Pot

Let your friend cherish your gift all his life by gifting him the stepping stone and pot for this Christmas. The stepping stone stays for life and stamp an inspirational message on it so that he remembers you every time he sees it. It stands out in his garden as a symbol of friendship with a lovely quote on it. You can also DIY a stepping stone and pot with your favourite quote for your favourite person.

14. Dinner Party Essentials

Gifting dinner party essentials is not a bad gift idea either. If one of your friend’s hosts parties often, she might need dinner party essentials a lot. Gift her the party essentials kit and make her job easier. This would be the most useful gift she would ever receive considering that she often throws parties.  You can find a lot of dinner party essentials from plates to glasses to napkins to spoons holders etc. 

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15. Engraved Jewelry

If you want to stay in the thoughts of your bestie forever, you have to look no further than this engraved jewellery. Gift your lady love the engraved jewellery like a necklace or a ring so that she remembers you every time she wears it. She will keep the gift very precious and wear them every time she misses you. It will become her keepsake and she will cherish it for life. 

16. Pop-Up Canvas Planter

If your buddy likes to spend most of the time gardening, gift her/him this pop-up canvas planter. The canvas planter is a great gift for a friend who loves plants a lot. You can look for various canvas planters and pick the planter that she likes the most. There are a lot of pop-up canvas planter models available online and you can grab the nice one at the best deal. 

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17. Audio Heaven

For a music buff friend, any gift related to music will be a blessing. So, look for something like audio heaven as a Christmas gift. You can either choose the latest speakers or headphones for your friend. Go for a mini version rather than something heavy so that they can carry it anywhere they go. You can find various speakers from high-end brands online and get them at the best prices. 

18. Boxed Wall Plants

Boxed wall plants also make up our list of Best Friend Christmas Gift Ideas. You can get artificial boxwood panels that give realistic look to the area. You can hang these boxed plants on the walls either indoor or outdoor. They are lightweight and durable. They are UV proof and weather resistant. Though they are artificial, they are eco-friendly. You can easily shape these artificial boxwood panels with household scissors.

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19. Photo Mug

The first thing anyone will do in the morning has a cup of tea or coffee. So, think wise and gift your bestie a photo mug with a picture of you both printed on it. She will love her morning coffees more than usual with this photo mug at her desk. You can either get a photo printed on the mug or a caption that inspires her for the day. 

20. Letter Art

Why not get custom wall art for your friend as a Christmas gift? Great idea right? Get your friend a letter art that is customized specially for him. You can get the letter art framed for your friend so that he/she can hang it on the wall of their home. You can also choose pictures that echo with the letters you choose for the gift which looks great.

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21. Desk Calendar

Help your friend plan the year ahead with the desk calendar. The calendar comes in handy for your friend to mark the important days like festivals, occasions etc. The desktop calendar is around the size of 17″×12″. You can also write records on the calendar. The calendar includes 18 high-quality GSM papers and harder shell paper. It is durable and prevents ink leakage. It can also be hung on the wall.

22. Jewellery Tray

Jewellery Tray comes to great use for the girl who likes to wear jewellery often. There are a lot of options in the jewellery trays from which you can pick the right one for your friend. The striped marble plate however gives a rich and elegant look and is made of high-quality ceramic. It can be used to hold the rings, bracelets, chains etc and can be placed anywhere from the bedroom to the dresser to the wash bin.

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23. Heart Paper Weight

You would have come across paperweights that are simple in look, but have you ever seen a personalized and photo paperweight? If not, check out the heart paperweight right away online. You will be surprised to see this lovely looking heart paperweight and so will the person that receives it. Personalize the heart paperweight by inserting a photo into it. Gift it to your friend who spends most of her time at her desk.

24. DIY Bookmarks

For avid book readers, bookmarks are very essential things. If by chance your best buddy is an avid book reader, gift him/her a DIY Bookmark this Christmas as a gift so that she can secure all her favourite pages with the bookmarks and refer them as and when needed. You can either craft bookmarks all by yourself or get them online.

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25. Quilting Kit

If your friend likes quilting and sewing and spends most of her time doing such activities, gift her a quilting kit for this Christmas. You can gift her while setting off that that includes fabric, a sewing kit and a book consisting of basics. Help them become a pro in quilting by gifting them the quilting kit. You can find a lot of quilting kits online for the best discounts. 

26. Cocoa Mint Lip Balm

For a friend of yours who adores lip balms a lot and houses tons of lip balms, cocoa mint lip balm could be a great gift idea to start with. It is a natural lip balm that is made of natural ingredients. Also, it gives a natural tint to the lips and is very healthy to use for the lips. You can take the help of YouTube to DIY a lip balm or get one online for your friend. 

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27. Homemade Candle

Our Christmas Gifts For Your Best Friend include homemade candles. If you have enough time to make a gift for your friend all by yourself, opt for making a candle at home. Homemade candles are very organic and your friend will enjoy lighting them in her home. You can use natural dyes to colour it. If you are creative, you can create patterns and shapes with candles. You can also add essential oils of their choice for great fragrance.

28. Photo Wreath

A photo Wreath is also a lovely gift to present to the best friend on Christmas eve. If you have time and you are creative, you can make a photo wreath all by yourself or order one online. The photo wreath can hold up to 50 photos and can be hung on the wall. The photo wreath is perfect to hang in the living room, bedroom and even office spaces. The wreath folds compactly and is lightweight. 

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29. Personalized Perfume

Perfume is a very common gift that is exchanged between dear ones, but what about personalized perfume? If you are thinking of gifting your friend something common, but with a twist, gift him/her a personalized perfume. You can attend a perfume making class to make a personalized perfume for your friend. Make sure to make a wonderful perfume as it will remind you of them every time they use it.

30. Custom best friend portrait

Best friend portraits are yet another gifts that are exchanged between friends on special occasions. The custom portraits depict your friendship in a glance. If you have decided on this gift, send all the details like your friend’s skin colour, hair colour, first name etc and wait for the awesome digital outcome. Get the portrait printed and framed for your friend and surprise her. 

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31. Custom Face Socks

In the current day and time, every gift is customization and socks are no exception. You can also customize socks with the face of your friend on them. It is one of the Good Christmas Gifts For Friends and it can be considered as a unique gift too. You can simply upload a picture of your friend and get customized face socks. The socks are made of high-quality polyester which will be soft on the feet. 

32. Name Earrings

Name earrings are also a wonderful gift idea for friends on Christmas eve. If can order customized name earrings for your friend for Christmas as a gift. You can choose either her original name or the name you call her mostly for the earrings. She will adore your gift a lot and also it looks quite stylish and elegant. You can opt for the metal as per your budget from yellow metal to white metal. 

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33. Back and Neck Massager

Looking for a gift that can help your friend get some relaxation? Then go for a back and neck massager. The massager helps your friend relieve her stress and relax. If your friend has any back or neck pain, the massager is a very thoughtful gift for him/her. The massager can be carried everywhere and she can use it at the home, office or while riding a car.

34. Friends: The Official Advent Calendar

If you and your buddy admire the ‘Friends’ series a lot and watched the series burning the midnight oil, you must know how big of a fan your friend is of the series. If she cannot get enough of the show, gift her the official advent calendar of Friends show. Every time she looks up for a date on the calendar, it will remind you and the days she spent with you watching her favourite show.

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35. Kelsey Crossbody

If your friend likes the handbags collection, gift her a Kelsey Crossbody bag this Christmas. The bag is inspired by a camera bag and comes in 11 bold colours. The bag looks classic and youthful at the same time. It comes with three outside zippers and 2 separate compartments. Make organizing very easy with this crossbody bag. It fits your passport, wallet, sunglasses etc. It is made of vegan leather and has a detachable strap.

36. Hydrating Regimen Kit

For your friend whose skin is very sensitive, gift a hydrating regimen kit this winter season. The kit comes with a makeup bag and has products ranging from creams, serums, lotions and face and body washes. The kit helps you hydrate, brighten and soothe the skin. You can gift this kit to your friend so that she can get healthy skin in no time. 

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37. Hexagonal Succulent Planter Set

If you are looking for Cute Christmas Gifts For Friends, this hexagonal succulent planter set is the ideal gift for you. The succulent planter set includes life potted plants, small cactus and succulents and flowers. You will get a set of 6 white ceramic plant pots with this gift set. They are ideal for home decor and look elegant in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and office. 

38. Polarized Sunglasses

Looking for something stylish for your BFF? Get these polarized sunglasses and see how surprised they would be to receive them. The sunglasses are saltwater resistant and have Olephobic coating technology. No reflected glare and so no eye strain. They provide high clarity, scratch-resistance and are lightweight. Also, they can be worn all day and are extremely flexible. These sunglasses are also ideal for outdoor sports like sailing, fishing, driving etc.

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39. Woven Astrology Zip Pouch

For a friend of yours who follows horoscope religiously, a woven astrology zip pouch could be a perfect gift for Christmas. The travel pouch can be used to store and carry sunglasses, jewellery, passports, makeup, charging cables, accessories, snacks and more. It will surely be considered a thoughtful gift by your friend as she is going to use it like anything maybe until it works out. 

40. Adjustable wrist and ankle weights

For the lazy friend of yours who needs the workout at any cost, gift adjustable wrist and ankle weights. While the pocket weighs 1 lb, the ankle weights can be adjusted from 1-5 lbs. Your friend can customize her workout routine with these adjustable wrist and ankle weights. These weights help her/him build muscle and tone legs. They are made of durable cotton material and are soft and breathable.

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41. Fuzzy Slippers

Made of high-density memory foam, these women fuzzy slippers can also make for a lovely gift for your friend. The memory foam reduces the pressure of the feet and helps her relax. The slippers come with ultra-soft plush fleece lining that offers soothing comfort to the people that wear them. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. They are gentle on the feet and gives utmost relaxation on regular use. 

42. Restore Sleep Solution Alarm

If your best buddy is complaining of sleep issues lately, gift her/him a restored sleep solution alarm this Christmas. The alarm clock creates a personalized sleeping pattern for the users and it would be the ultimate gift for a friend who is suffering from sleeplessness. The clock helps them have a good sleep and also maintain healthy sleeping patterns. The clock also comes with features like soft light and white noise.

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43. Boy Smells 

If your friend is obsessed with fragrances and candles, gift her this brand new candle from Boy Smells. If you are in search of Cheap Christmas Gifts For Friends, this would be the one for you. This candle helps your friend’s place smell crazy amazing. Your friend will shower you with love-filled messages every time she lights up the candle. The candle can also light up the mood of your friend at times with its ultimate fragrance. 

44. Travel Jewelry Organizer

Jewellery organizers are very helpful especially if you are set for travelling. For the travel freak, a jewellery organizer is a must to carry to organize all the jewellery safely in one place. There are a lot of jewellery organizers available online and you can pick the organizer that you think your friend will adore a lot. The organizer can accommodate a lot of stuff like earrings, necklaces, rings etc and is secured with zippers. 

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45. Bluetooth Earbuds

Gift your BFF the latest Bluetooth earbuds that are comfortable to wear and use. The wireless earbuds are equipped with a button control system so that you can control the music as well as the phone calls on earbuds. They come with an ergonomic design and stay on the ears without falling. The earbuds play songs from the stereo system through Bluetooth. A single charge gives 4 to 5 hours of playtime and the charging case offers 6 times charging.

46. Bouquet Flower Subscription

If your friend lives somewhere far and you are missing her to death, book her a bouquet flower subscription for this Christmas. Every time they receive the flower bouquet filled with their favourite flowers, they will remind you of you and they will feel very happy. You can either book a weekly or bi-weekly or monthly subscription for your dear friend. Surprise your friend with bouquets delivered at her doorstep now and then. 

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47. Custom Pillow & Blanket

Turn your favourite photographs into custom pillows and blankets and make their Christmas gifts for your best buddy. Your friend will love the idea of receiving the pillow and blanket from you as it reminds her of you every time she cosily sleeps in them. You can choose any picture of you both for customization and we are sure she will appreciate your effort and idea.

48. Embellished Hair Clip Set

An embellished hair clip set is also a cute gift to present to your buddy on Christmas. Though it is a simple and small gift, it keeps her away from bad hair days. Made of metal alloy, acrylic resin, imitation pearl, and durable material, they look pretty cute. They are available in different colours and patterns and are available in 20 different styles. They have a smooth surface and are gentle on the head. 

49. Teva Women’s Re Ember Moc Moccasin

For the friend who has cold feet, gift this Teva women’s re ember moc moccasin slip-on. They are super comfortable to wear and can be worn both indoors and outdoor. They come with durable rubber soles and are available for both men and women. The shoes are available in different colours and sizes so you can pick the size and colour your friend would like to wear. 

50. Nori Press

Ironing the attires might be a matter of headache for your friend, but not anymore with this Nori press. This is one of a sort of Gifts To Get Your Best Friend For Christmas. This wrinkle-removing device will make them want to iron the attires more than usual and it is all thanks to its hair straighter-like design. It can be used on all types of fabrics like silk, denim, cotton, linen etc. 


Our friends mean a lot to us in our lives and they take a big place in our hearts. To simply put, without their support we are nothing. Don’t ever lose a chance to appreciate their being in your life and gift them something so that it will bring you both even closer. We hope the Christmas Gifts For Friends that we have provided here are of great help for you and you found out that special gift you want to present to your dearest friend from here. If so, do bookmark our website – New Year Wiki and stay connected for more interesting updates.

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