10 Cuban New Year’s Traditions

With the forthcoming New Year, there is a lot of stuff at hand to clear out to freely step into the coming year. The New Year is going to be a blast undoubtedly and the people are planning things ahead of time to make it a purrfect one ever. The entire world will witness the New Year and observe the traditions of their respective lands to attract fortune and luck. The same goes for Cubans too who will practice their unique customs and traditions on the New Year for their benefit. Here are some interesting Cuban New Year’s Traditions that we would like to discuss with you here. You can go through these traditions to know how Cubans welcome the New Year with big fat celebrations.

Cuban New Year’s Traditions 

New Year is a huge celebratory event for Cubans. They do their best to practice the traditions that were coming from their ancestors. Just like the rest of the world, Cubans also have their own set of New Years’ traditions that they abide by so sincerely. It is a big family gathering on the New Year for Cubans where they eat, talk, play, dance, etc. To fulfill their wishes in the coming year, Cubans follow certain traditions on New Year’s Eve and New Years’ Day. Today we shall be discussing all those traditions that Cubans strictly observe on the New Year to attain luck and prosperity. If you like them and want to execute them in your own life, you can do so with great New Year cheer.

1. Roasting a Hog 

If you are a foodie and want to explore Cuba New Year’s Traditions that are related to food, here is the one for you. Cubans give more significance to food around the New Year time. New Year traditions also have food topping the charts. On New Year’s families gather to have huge dinners and the menu mainly concentrates on pork where the whole hog is roasted. People enjoy eating pork at the New Year’s Eve Party.

2. Throwing Dirty Water Away 

Just like other countries do, Cubans also clean their house for New Years’. However, instead of throwing away the dirty water, they keep it aside. They believe that the dirty water contains bad juju from the past year and so they throw it out into the street with the hope that all the bad omens will be out of their house in the coming year. As soon as the old year passes, they throw the dirty water out of the house.

3. Eating 12 Grapes at Midnight 

Eating 12 grapes at midnight is a tradition that is being followed for ages in Cuba just like in other countries. As soon as the countdown ends, people start eating all the 12 grapes each representing 12 months of the year with the hope that luck will enter their lives in the coming year. The twist in the tale is that the grapes need to be consumed before the clock strikes 00:01 AM or you will be bestowed with bad luck in the coming 365 days.

4. Burning the Effigy 

Another Cuban New Year’s Eve Traditions include burning an effigy. If your past year is something that you do not want to pass by again in the future, burn the effigy or a doll stuffed with paper pieces. Jot down the issues that you have faced in the past year on a piece of paper and stuff into a doll or effigy and then burn it. According to the belief of Cubans, burning the stuffed effigy rid all the negativity and awful situations from the last year and help you step into the New Year with a light heart.

5. Walk with a Suitcase 

If you love to travel and want to explore Cuba this coming New Year, walk with a suitcase to keep traveling all the year. Hold your suitcase and walk around your block or at least step out of the main door of your house on New Year’s Eve. This will iterate your traveling in the New Year and so you can explore more places in the coming year.

6. Kiss Your Loved One 

Kissing the loved one on New Year is also one of the New Year’s Traditions In Cuba. You can kiss your loved one and ring in the New Year to have a blasting year ahead.

7. The Sidra 

As soon as you complete gulping the 12 grapes, you have to drink Sidra, an unsweetened drink. It has to be gulped in the very first minute of the New Year to have a great year. 

8. Money 

If you want to attract prosperity take the almighty dollars from the envelope and place them in the mailbox. This will ultimately attract prosperity in the New Year according to Cubans beliefs.

9. Put Cash Inside Shoes 

For those who want to attract prosperity in the coming year, put some cash inside shoes at midnight and start the New Year. This tradition is said to bring prosperity into the observers’ life.

10. Red Underwear 

If you are an unmarried young woman looking to get married to your Mr. Right, get ready with your red underwear. Don the red underwear at midnight inside out and then put it right. This will help you meet your Mr. Right according to tradition.

Well, those were the Cuban New Year’s Traditions that Cubans practice with their whole heart on the New Year. If any of these traditions interest you, do give them a try and test your luck. Also, bookmark our website – NEWYEARWIKI.COM and stay connected for our upcoming broadcast.

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