7 Irish New Year’s Traditions

New Year is onboard and it is high time we get ready to implement our traditions on the Eve and the day. If you are sick and tired of observing the traditions of your land and want to experiment with some other countries traditions on the coming New Year here are the most compelling one’s for you. Instead of following the same age-old traditions of ours, you can also take a cue from our neighboring country Ireland and seek their traditions to follow on the New Year’s Day. Here we shall be talking in depth about Irish New Year Traditions that will leave you stunned. You can go through each of the traditions that are both superstitious and unusual in nature and pick the ones that you want to observe this coming New Year. So why late! Have a glance!

Irish New Year Traditions 

If you want to reduce your bad luck that has been following you from years you can observe Irish New Year’s traditions and find a solution. If you believe in superstitions and age-old beliefs passed by ancestors these traditions from Irish people could be your choice. Ring in the New Year like Irish people with these Irish New Year Day Traditions. These traditions are not just surprising, but also are interesting to follow. 

1. Spring Clean 

Cleaning the houses for the New Year is a very common tradition we get to see in almost every country. The same concept is followed very seriously by Ireland people. They clean sweep the houses before the New Year with a belief that it signifies a fresh start to the New Year. This tradition of cleaning the houses before the New Year has been in use since ages now.

2. Banging on Doors 

It is believed by the Ireland people that to chase bad luck away, the Christmas bread needs to be banged on the doors and walls of the house. They believe that the bad luck is chased away making place for the good spirits in the house. Irish people follow this tradition even today very sincerely.

3. Honoring the Dead

This is one of those traditions followed by Irish people on the New Year that has so much emotional connect to it. On the day of New Year, family members gather together at the dinner and remember the dead ones by setting a an empty place and plate at the table. Also, the front door is left open for the sprit to come home without having any problem. 

4. First Through the Door 

As the name says, the first person who passes through the door at the start of the New Year will be bestowed with good luck. There is some detailing to this tradition which varies from region to region. For instance, if a dark and handsome man passes through the door first, it signifies good luck for the New Year. Nevertheless, a women especially young and red haired passing first signifies bad luck. If you want to follow this tradition you can simply ask a dark and handsome man in your house to pass through the door first on the New Year to attain good luck.

5. In the front door, out the back door 

This is yet another popular Irish Traditions For New Years. On the New Year’s Day, people allow their guests to pass through the front door of the house following the back door while leaving with a hope that bad luck will leave from the house bringing good luck home.

6. Mistletoe, Holly, and Ivy

This tradition is for singles that are ready to mingle. Yes! If you are looking for a mate and want to meet your future husband soon then this tradition will work wonders for you according to Irish beliefs. Singles need to place springs of holly, ivy or mistletoe under their pillow while sleeping. This makes them dream of their future husband/wife. If you are single and want to test this tradition, do give it a try and also don’t’ forget to share the experience as well as the outcome with us.

7. Westerly Winds 

This is a very simple tradition observed by the people of Ireland on the New Year. This superstitious tradition of Irish people involves the direction of the wind. If the wind is flowing from the west, then it is believed that Ireland will see a great year ahead. Contrary to it, if the wind flows from east then the year is believed to be bad for them all. 

These are the Irish New Year Traditions that people over there observe on the big day. If you connect with any of the traditions do follow them and share the results with us here in the comments section below. Also, bookmark our website NEWYEARWIKI.COM and stay tuned to get the latest updates about the New Year traditions and much more.

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