15+ Filipino New Year Traditions

We are slowly coming to the close of the year and the excitement is going to double as we step into the New Year. With great celebrations we are going to welcome the New Year. The entire world of people celebrate the New Year, but the traditions, cultures and customs vary. Whilst few traditions match, we may sometimes come across traditions that differ from out native culture. Few people love to explore traditions observed by the people of other countries. If you belong to that category this article on Filipino New Year Traditions is just for you. Get aware of the traditions of Philippines on the New Year with the information covered here. You will have fun knowing the traditions.

Filipino New Year Traditions

Filipinos enjoy the New Year a lot. They make sure to mark it as a special event in the year. Their observances are the best and pleasant ones. With eye-catching fireworks and many appetizing flavors New Year will be a precious event for everyone to celebrate. For Filipinos New Year is a biggest event than Christmas. There are many traditions cum superstitions that the people follow there that are truly amusing. Their traditions are quite unique and everyone follows them very strictly on the New Year without miss. Another point to mention here is that Filipinos are greatly influenced by Chinese culture. If you have interest in knowing the traditions of Philippine New Year’s Tradition we have some of the best here. Read on!

1. Paying Debts

Filipinos believe that settling the debts on the New Year is the best way to kick start the New Year. The main focus of the holiday is to clear the debts and then step into the New Year with no worries. They believe that financial problems if not dealt with in the old year will continue in the New Year. It is a very common sight in Philippines to see people panic when the year comes to a close. 

2. Making Noise

Philippines is full of noise and sounds on the New Year’s Eve as they believe that staying calm doesn’t go well with them in the coming days. They try to be as loud as they can on the big day. The utensils are banged against each other and various instruments are used by kids to generate noise. Also the volumes are increased in every household. If you think this tradition is a crazy one to follow, let me tell you it is absolutely not. The belief behind this tradition is that the loud noises generated by the people would drive away the evil spirits. 

3. Fireworks

If you love watching fireworks you should definitely visit Philippines for the New Year. You will witness most extravagant fireworks in Philippines on the New Year that will leave you awestruck. They give great importance to the fireworks and consider it as a tradition. Their fireworks are quite unique and you will enjoy their sight for sure. That is the reason why fireworks are very b popular there. Again the fireworks are lit to scare away the evil spirits. Also, the light that gets exhibited from the fireworks symbolizes brightness.

4. Cleaning the House

Cleaning the house is another Filipino Traditions for New Year and is observed in many parts of the world. With that said, Filipinos clean their houses before ringing in the New Year. It is because they believe that it brings luck home. If you also want to attract luck make certain to clean your house for this coming New Year. If seen in the other way, it is a very good tradition to adapt for everyone as a neat and clean house creates positive environment.

5. Wearing Polka Dots

In Philippines, it is believed that wearing polka dots brings luck. They believe that round things represent luck and so wearing the round patterned dress on the New Year has become a tradition there. The round things shall bring wealth home as per Filipinos. If you want to shop for the polka dots dress for this holiday season there is a wide range to choose from.

6. Coins

Coins symbolise wealth and abundance. As they are nothing but currency, they are also used as a prop for New Year traditions. Philippines people place coins all across the house as they believe c that that would attract money in the New Year. They literally place coins everywhere in the house. There is no exception that they shouldn’t be placed in certain places. Sone people go extra length to badly attract wealth and carry coins right in their pockets all the day long. Another variation to this practice that is popular among children is to fill the pockets with coins and when the clock rings 12 shake the pockets to grab good luck.

7. Lucky Number 12

Having lucky number is a very common thing for everyone of us. Following it as a tradition are Filipinos. To attract luck they use those lucky numbers on the New Year’s Eve. Usually we have different lucky numbers for each person, unlike that Filipinos has similar lucky number which is 12. Here the number 12 represents 12 months we have for a year. People put display of 12 round fruits as a part of the tradition. The luckiness associated with round fruits combined with number 12 does the magic.

8. Feast with Family

Now it is time to talk about New Year’s Eve Food Traditions Philippines. There are few popular food traditions followed by the people of Philippines very strictly. Among them one popular tradition is to eat a feast with entire family. During the New Year families come together to have a feast and during it they remember the memories with the diseased family member. It is the right time to reflect and grow as a family. The menu includes dishes like kare-kare, lechon, and congee. It is definitely a meal that one will wait all the year long for.

9. Eating Sticky Foods

During the New Year Filipinos traditionally eat foods that are sticky. Talking about foods, sticky foods are the main course served during the New Year. The sticky foods here represent cakes and noodles. This is again a tradition taken from China. These foods are associated with luck. The foods are cooked at home mostly. Few people however prefer getting them from local restaurants.

10. Avoid Chicken and Fish

Another Filipino New Year’s Eve Food Traditions is avoiding chicken and fish. Chicken and fish are highly included in the Filipino culture, especially around the time of the New Year. But if they wish to go by their traditions chicken and fish should be avoided on the New Year’s Eve. This is because these two foods are related to food scarcity. People avoid eating these foods to further avoid bad luck. 

11. Keep the Containers Full

The New Year traditions in Filipino are abundant by default. The people over there believe that keeping the rice and water containers full on the New Year’s Eve would bring them luck. By following this tradition they are inviting prosperity in the coming year. 

12. Keep Doors Open

This tradition of Filipino is about keeping the doors and windows in the house open. Few people even keep the drawers and cabinets open. The intention of following this tradition is to welcome positive energy into the house.

13. Media Noche

This old custom called Media Noche is also strictly observed in Philippines. During New Year’s Eve Filipino people, especially families gather together for a lavish feast that represents prosperity and wealth abundantly in the coming year. 

14. Jump High

If you wish to increase your height do follow this tradition of Filipinos. When the clock strikes 12 people would jump as high as they can to get taller. This tradition is followed by many people in the respective country with a hope to get taller. 

15. Eat Pancit

Filipinos eat Pancit as a part of New Year tradition on the big day. They eat this dish because it is symbolizes long life and health. 

16. Grilled Fish

Consuming grilled fish on the New Year is also linked with good luck. As the fish swims forward it represents life moving forward. Though most of the people avoid eating fish on New Year’s, there are people that consume it with this belief.

These are the popular Filipino New Year Traditions that people follow on the New Year. If they interest you in anyway do give these traditions a try. Also bookmark our website – NewYearWiki and keep checking this space for latest articles.

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