Does UPS Deliver On New Year’s Day And New Year’s Eve?

UPS works round the clock to deliver the services it is abided to. It provides reliable services to its customers without a break. If you have something to send or receive from UPS and it is close to New Year’s Day then you might be worried about the delivery as it is holiday season. If you want to get clarity on Does UPS Deliver On New Year’s Day then you must refer this article for the information. We have got you the info about the delivery services of UPS on New Year’s Day. So, if you have ever wondered whether UPS delivers on New Year’ Day or not then check out this article to get a clarity.

Does UPS Deliver On New Year’s Day 2024

If you are waiting for a package from UPS and it is around the time of New Year, you may have to wait a little while more than the said date and time because UPS halts its services around the time of Eve. Once the Eve is completed, it resumes its services and only then you can get your packages delivered by the delivery giant. So, if you want to know Does UPS Run On New Year’s Day then this is the answer. 

UPS offers limited pick-up services on New Year’s Eve and doesn’t provide any delivery services on the New Year’s Day. So, you better withdraw any plans of picking up or delivering any packages through UPS on these two days of Eve. However, according to the sources of UPS, it is determined to deliver Critical orders on the New Year’s Day.

Does UPS Deliver On New Years
Does UPS Deliver On New Years

To know further about Does UPS Deliver On New Year’s Eve, you must read the following content. Though UPS doesn’t offer any of its pick up or delivery services on the New Year’s Day, there are few exceptions that it will allow for certain deliveries tagged as critical. 

UPS New Years Eve 2023 Hours

Does Ups Run On New Years Eve? Yes of course, UPS does run on the Eve, but not all services are offered. Only the critical services are offered, but still customers can get the services under the UPS Express Critical. Other than the usual pick-ups and deliveries, UPS also offers special holiday deals to the customers. Under the holiday deals, you can grab great offers on deliveries by UPS. Last year, UPS has offered 40 percent off on promo code “EASY” for its customers as a part of holiday deal.

Coming to Is UPS Open On New Years Day 2024, it is not actually open like regular working days, but still it operates for urgent or critical deliveries in the name of UPS Express Critical. For the time-sensitive shipping, this service is like a savoir for the customers. They allow one-time urgent shipment or come up with customized high-priority solution based on the requirements of the customers.

If you want to know UPS Hours New Years Day then you have to complete reading this article. The UPS Store locations may be closed, but you have to check with your local location to know the specific hours of operation. The schedule may be likely modified on the holidays and so customers are advised to contact the store to know the exact hours at which they offer their services. The number to dial UPS has been given above and you can contact it to get the details. 

In order to get delivery service from UPS, one has to schedule it prior to the time of holiday season with the Urgent Services Department through a call. Because of the holiday season, the charges for delivery and pickup may be more than usual. For those who want to know Is UPS Open On New Years Eve, this is the information you must know. It is open, but the timings of operation of the location may vary considering the holiday vibes. So, it is advised that you contact the concerned authority before visiting the location directly.

So finally UPS does offer the services on major holidays as well, but only if they are tagged urgent. If you are planning to send or receive any parcel from UPS this holiday season then check out our UPS New Years Eve Hours from our page without miss. This will assist you in getting your deliveries on right time, especially when they are urgent. We hope the information provided here is helpful to you. If so, do bookmark our website – NEWYEARWIKI and keep checking this space for more useful info.

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