New Year’s Eve Party Ideas For Kids 2024

New Year’s Eve is for everyone. There is no age bias when the celebrations come to picture. Usually, elders throw party to their friends and family and dance, play, eat and of course stay awake until the clock strikes 12. There was this belief that New Year Eve is only for elders where it is not. Even kids can make a lot from the New Year’s Party if planned properly. If you have kiddos in the house and you want to engage them in their own kind of party then here are the Kids New Years Eve Party ideas. Don’t just have all the fun of the Eve by yourself, instead take cue from our party ideas for kids and make your kids feel happy while saying goodbye to the old year.

New Years Eve Party Ideas For Kids 

New Year is such a great celebratory event in everyone’s life and there shouldn’t be any reason to hit a miss to it. Especially kids should be the ones to enjoy New Year’s Eve to the core. Usually, in every house mostly elders party hard all the night on the Eve while kids play for a little while and go to bed. Contradictory to it, let the kids at home play and enjoy the Eve as much as you do, but in their own way. Here we brought before you some terrific party ideas for kids to play on New Year’s Eve. There are tons of party ideas for kids that will make their Eve most memorable one ever. If you want your kids to have such a great start for the New Year, make sure to plan their party with these New Years Eve Party Ideas For Kids 2024.

Resolutions Balloons 

This party idea of resolutions balloon is quite interesting to play. Have the kids in your house write a resolution on a piece of paper and insert them into the balloons. Fill the balloons with helium gas and tie them up with ribbon. As the clock strikes 12 ask your kids to get to the balcony or garden area and leave the balloons into the sky. Capture the moment and it will be super fun to reminisce.

Kid-friendly Drinks 

It is very common to have alcohol-based drinks in the New Year’s Eve party. As kids cannot have them, you can plan replace them with some health drinks for the night. Make sure to use fancy champagne flute or wine glasses to offer the drinks to them. Warm cocoa is one of the popular drinks that you can include in their glasses on the Eve’s night. Top the cocoa with marshmallows and it will be a go to drink for your kids from next on.

Midnight Snack Bags 

Kids usually get hungry when they are up until late night. So, allow them to pack some snack bags with their favorite foods so that they can grab them whenever they feel like hungry. To make to more catchy, ask them to color or decorate their bags with glitters, stickers, ribbons etc.

Mini-Christmas Tree

As we all know, New Year falls very much next to Christmas Eve and so the Christmas tree in most of the houses will still be standing in the corner. Ask your children to re-decorate the Christmas tree and light it up. Don’t’ tell them how to do, but what to do. Just watch and enjoy as they will come up with wonderful ideas. You can also ask them to create a mini-Christmas tree.

Surprise Activities 

It is important to keep the kids entertained on the Eve if you want them to stay up until the midnight. Take different colored balloons and few pieces of paper. Jot down different fun activities you want your kids to perform on the Eve’s night. Fold the papers and insert them into the balloons and hang them around in a room at not so height from the floor. Also write times on the balloons. Now ask your kids to pop up the balloon time accordingly and perform the activity that was written on it.

Countdown Banner

If you want to know some Kid Friendly New Years Eve Party ideas, then countdown banner is one such idea to explore. Most of the kids like DIYs and if your kids too love them then this countdown banner party idea is just for them. Give your kids some color papers and ask them to jot down the countdown numbers on them. Put all the cards together in the form of a banner and hang it somewhere in the room you are partying. Easy right!

Wishing Wand

This is yet another DIY that brings so much fun to the kids while doing. Give the necessary material required to prepare wishing wands and ask your kids to get the work done. Your children will fall in love with the wishing wands instantly. With the wishing wands, tell them to wish for the things that they want to achieve in the coming New Year and of course about the resolutions they want to make.

Jello Push-Up-Pops

Jello push-up pops are quite fun in doing especially for kids. Your children will develop instant liking for the jello pops. You can use unflavored gelatin in making this recipe. There are many ways that one can use to roll their push-up pops. Allow your kids to experiment with the push-up-pops and see the magic.

Ball-drop Cupcakes 

It is super exciting to celebrate New Year Party With Kids. Our party ideas will aid in making it even more interesting. This party idea involves your helping hand too. Prepare cupcakes ahead of time and keep them iced and ready. Arrange other needy things to make the ball drop piece. Around the time of the New Year these cup cakes are quite famous and are prepared in almost every house. Let your children use their creativity in making the ball with different types of materials available. 

Edible Horns 

These beautifully looking horns are edible and you can prepare them by yourself or take the help of your little ones at home. They are made with sprinkles and ice cream cones. Though they look unreal, they are very much edible and tastes great. All you need to do is dip them in white chocolate and roll them in colored sanding sugars and leave them to dry. To give horn look, add some fondant at the end of the tip and you are ready to eat.

Fireworks Ring 

Fireworks ring is so popular among kids that wherever they find it they grab it and put it to their little hands. It is very easy to make fireworks ring and kids will love making it by themselves. You will need pipe clearers of different colors. Ask your kids to make the rings and they will do that in no time. 

Photo Props 

If your kids like being photographed, this craft will surely win their heart on the Eve. Using the New Year’s Eve photo props make your New Year’s night a memorable one for your kids. Provide them with different colors of material so that they would make beautiful props and capture hilarious photos of them.

Noise Maker

Without a noise maker New Year’s Eve party, especially of kids will be literally boring. So why don’t you plan on making noise maker for your kids. You can simply use household paper plates to make the noise makers. 

These are the Kids New Years Eve Party ideas. We hope you got to learn best party ideas from this page. We shall be adding more fun party ideas for kids in the future. So, be sure to check this space often. Also, don’t forget to bookmark our website – NewYearWiki.Com and stay connected. If you have ideas with you, please feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

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