6 New Year’s Traditions In America

The world is psyched-up to welcome the New Year with great enthusiasm. The entire world celebrates the New Year following various traditions of their land. The traditions are followed both religiously and spiritually with a belief that they would bless them with luck and prosperity. With that said, Americans have their own set of traditions that the people reside their follow every New Year. Also, on the last day of the year Americans observe certain traditions with a hope to invite luck into their lives. If you are born American, you must be well-versed with the traditions observed there, but if that is not the case and you belong to some other place and still have interest in knowing the traditions of the land we present here the New Year’s Traditions in America. Explore the New Year’s traditions followed in America here.

New Year’s Traditions in USA 

With champagne glass in hand, fireworks in the sky, tasty dishes to feast on, New Year is going to be a blast undoubtedly. New Year is celebrated in the US very grandly and people come out onto the roads to greet each other and to welcome the New Year together. Very few love to sit at home and enjoy their private space and me-time whilst many love to join the crowds to welcome the New Year. Other than the usual celebrations, Americans have some traditions that they follow very strictly on the New Year’s Eve as well as New Year’s Day. If you are interested in knowing the New Year’s Traditions USA this article is a must read for you. 

New Year's Traditions USA
New Year’s Traditions USA

Here we present the most popular traditions that Americans follow on the New Year’s. Have a read!

1. Times Square Ball Drop

Times Square Ball Drop is quite famous and around two million people gather at the place to view the ball drop right at the midnight. This popular tradition has started way back in 1907 with a ball that weighed 700 pound that slowly comes down to the ground at midnight. At present, the weight of the ball is 11, 875 pounds. This annual tradition observed in America is pretty famous and almost every American dream to witness it in live at least once in their lifetime. Luckily, the ball drop at Times Square is gives live and the people who cannot make it to the place can catch the ball drop life in idiot boxes. Watching the ball drop, people count down the last seconds of the old year to welcome the New Year.

2. Making Resolutions 

Making resolutions has become a part and parcel of New Year traditions. Almost everyone makes resolutions on the occasion of the New Year with a hope to change themselves for good and achieve their goals. Though this is a very commonly seen tradition followed in most parts of the world, the success rate of observing it for the set time is pretty less. The very common resolutions that people make include staying fit, waking up early, reducing the use of phone, spending quality time with kin etc. As we said earlier these resolutions last no longer than a week or two.

3. New Year’s Kiss

Sharing special New Year’s kiss on the Eve is one of the New Year’s Eve Traditions USA. People in the United States believe that sharing a kiss in the midnight shall ward off evil spirit and also prevent loneliness in the next year. Keeping that in mind couples, especially the married ones kiss at the midnight as a part of New Year’s tradition.

4. Hoppin’ John

If you are looking for New Year’s Food Traditions in America here it is. Hoppin’John is a very famous Southern dish consumed on New Year’s with a hope to attract good luck. The dish consists of black-eyed peas, rice and pork. These items are consumed on the New Year’s Day with a strong belief coming from ages that says it will enhance the luck and prosperity in our lives in the coming days. The black-eyed peas here represent coins and eating them on the New Year brings luck and prosperity in the lives. 

5. Auld Lang Syne

On New Year’s Eve people listen to the popular track Auld Lang Syne written by poet Robert Burns. This song was written two hundred years ago and is still going strong. It is played every New Year in the United States. The song came into limelight when the singer Guy Lombardo performed it in 1929. Even today this song is played in many houses in the New Year. The song translates to bidding farewell to the old year.

6. Midnight Countdown

Counting down the last few seconds of the year before welcoming the New Year is also a one of the popular New Year’s Day Traditions in America. This tradition is followed in every part of the world and people in large gatherings counts down the last seconds. This countdown is done in different ways in different parts of the world. Following the countdown people start toasting their champagne glasses, hug and kiss each other, watch fireworks etc. 

7. Other traditions

There are many traditions that people in United States observe on New Year’s Day. Cities witnesses various traditions like first night, live music performances, dancing events etc. 

These are the popular New Year’s Traditions in America that the people over there observe sincerely. If you like them and want to follow them on the New Year do give them a try. Also bookmark our website – NEWYEARWIKI.COM and stay put with us for latest articles on New Year.

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