Fun New Year’s Eve Games For Kids

New Year is almost here and we are just left with the countdown to the big day. Celebrations on the Eve are pretty common and are religiously, traditionally and spiritually followed. We try hard to make it one of the most happening day of the year, but to make the Eve much more special than just the regular one, you should have a better idea. We are here with that better idea and you will be surprised to know what it is. This time we have come up with New Years’ Eve Games For Kids that will make your kids cheer up for the upcoming year. We have listed out some top interesting games that kids can play on the New Year’s Day. Have a read!

New Year’s Eve Games For Kids

New Year is full of excitement and especially kids in the house go gaga over the parties, foods, gifts whatnot about every minute thing that takes place on that day. As it is a holiday and everyone usually stays home, it is a good idea to make it fun filled by playing some interesting games. To keep the kids engaged and entertained on the Eve, we have come here with some fun-packed games. Your kids will have a great time playing these Fun New Year’s Games For Kids that were specially designed for them.

Check out our list of New Year’s Eve games for kids we provided here and make sure to give them a try on the Eve.

1. Find the Clock

This is a timer game where you have to hide the clock in the house and ask your kid to find it out for you. But the twist in the tale is that you have to set the alarm for say 5 minutes and ask your kid to find it before it rings. So yup your kid will be deeply engaged in the game searching for it. To make the game more challenging, hide multiple clocks at different places with the alarm timing set for the same time. Let the alarms ring and then ask your kid to find all of them before you countdown from 10 to 1.

2. Musical Chair

If you have lots of guests at your New Year’s party and you want to engage all the kids present in some entertaining game then go for Musical Chair. This game of musical chair never gets boring and kids have great love for this game. However, to make it little different than the traditional version of musical chair, use the sound of ringing clock bells in place of music. When the bells halt kids must take their seat. The one who fails to grab the seat will be out of the game. This will be more fun if you have more kids at home.

3. Balloon Wish

Balloon Wish is yet another New Year’s Games For Kids that they will enjoy playing. This game not just gives them fun, but also makes them think a bit about their wish for the New Year. Ask the kids to jot down their wish or resolution on a piece of paper. Fold the paper and put it into the balloon. Fill it with helium gas and knot it. Now take them out into the garden and ask them to release the balloon right in the midnight. 

4. Sketch it out 

If your kid is a preschooler and cannot play mind games then we also have New Year’s Games For Preschoolers. Go get a drawing book and sketches or color pencils and ask them to color it. They will fall in love drawing and sketching it. Make sure the book has some good drawings to color. 

5. Find the Cherry

For interrogative kids you can plan this game of find the cherry. In this game you will need a bowl, some cherries and some ice cream or whipped cream. Fill the bowl with cream and put cherry in it and give it a good mix. Ask the kids to find the cherry without touching it. You will enjoy watching your kids playing this fun-packed game.  

6. Bubble Jump

This is yet another fun game to play for kids. Most of the kids like jumping and catching and this game is all about it. Hang down fruits or snacks from the ceiling and ask your kids to stand right there folding their hands to their backs. Ask them to jump and catch the item with their mouth without using their hands. The one who catches the item in less time shall be declared winner. 

We hope you as well as your kids make great merry on the New Year’ Eve playing these games. Follow our broadcast for more New Years’ Eve Games For Kids and activities. Also bookmark our website – NEWYEARWIKI.COM as we shall be updating this page with more exciting articles for you in the coming future. 

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