Things To Do In Byron Bay For New Years Eve

Raise the glass to end the year and welcome the New Year on a grand note. If you are looking to celebrate New Year abroad in a place where you can forget all your worries and just concentrate on the blessings, you must include Bryon Bay in your go-to list. The virtual countdown to the New Year has already been started in many countries and we are very close to the biggest celebrations in the world. To have a perfect New Year, you must visit places where you can enjoy to the best of your capability and our suggestion would be Byron Bay. Whether you are up for a beach party, scrumptious dining, or a street festival, Byron Bay is the place for you. 

In this article, we are going to talk about Byron Bay New Year’s Eve and the best things you can do there to make the New Year a remarkable one. You need not waste your precious time searching for things to do at Byron Bay for NYE after reading this article thoroughly. There are a lot of things you could do in Byron Bay and you must act ahead if you don’t want to be left out without proper accommodation or quality food. You must decide ahead of time about the events and parties you are going to attend and book the tickets accordingly in advance. 

Things To Do In Byron Bay For New Years Eve

As the New Year is approaching, the constant thought that every one of us commonly has is the destination to celebrate the big day. If you resonate with this thought, you can be at ease as we are going to present to you the best places in Byron Bay to celebrate the New Year most exceptionally. The list shall include prominent restaurants, events, parties, streets, festivals, bars, beaches, and so on. So, without further ado, get reading!

1. Soul Street

Soul Street is a widely acclaimed gathering in Byron Bay for New Year’s Eve. The popular street is situated in Jonson Street and is a top-notch place to celebrate New Year with families. It is a free New Year party held on the street where locals and visitors gather in large numbers to ring in the New Year with splendor. The party is alcohol-free and is very safe for families with kids. You can explore bands, drummers, food stalls, artisan stalls, buskers, performers, and more on the street. 

To have the best New Year’s Eve In Byron Bay, you must visit Soul Street without hitting miss. If you have kids with you, they are going to have a blast at the event as there will be many kid-specific activities hosted there every year for New Year. The stalls and performances for the night will start as early as 4 PM and run until late midnight. However, there won’t be any fireworks show taking place on the street during the NYE. The party is led by community services and is a completely family-friendly event. As the party is mainly attended by the young, the organizers have mandated it as an alcohol-free zone. 

The street is turned into a rejoicing locale with decorations, stages, music, and lights all over. The street is closed in the morning and by 3 PM everything is set for the party. The main intention of the party is to provide a safe environment for people of all age groups. The entire community of people rings in the New Year with a sense of unity and joy. Around 10,000 people grace the event every year and the organizers strive hard to execute and carry the event at a smooth pace. 

2. Balcony Bar & Oyster Co

If you are not into street parties and rigorous dancing, you must consider visiting Balcony Bar & Oyster Co, which hosts the New Year party for the locals and visitors. You can enjoy a decent and slow-paced party where you can enjoy the refreshments while watching the DJs grooving for the chartbusters. You will be given a cocktail on entering the bar as a welcome drink along with a glass of bubbles. You should use the bubbles to count down the last few minutes of the year. The party lasts until 2 AM and you can relax in the bar reminiscing the blessings of the last year. 

3. Loft Byron Bay

If you like beaches and also the bars that are right on the beachside, you must visit Loft Byron Bay for sure. The beachside bar is famous for the refreshments and the beach view it offers. Most of the tourists that visit the city during the New Year reserve a table in the bar to have the beautiful sight of the events and festivities taking place down in the city. 

The bar provides a panoramic view of Jonson Street and its festivities while serving yummy food and refreshments. You can grab a glance at the festivities while enjoying the food in your comfort. The bar opens for visitors at 7 PM and until the clock strikes midnight you can indulge in the savories and sightseeing tasting the delectables. 

4. Falls Festival

For the music lovers out there, here is a shout-out from the Fall Festival, Byron Bay. The most popular Byron Bay New Years Festival starts on December 31st and ends on January 2nd. The festival is held at the North Byron Parklands. It is very hard to get tickets for the festival, but you should still give it a try if you don’t want to miss out on the year’s best performances from the top talents. If you fail to get a ticket for the festival, do not worry as many other popular alternatives are waiting for you such as Byron Bay Brewery, The Northern, The Rails, The Beach Hotel, etc. 

5. Byron Bay Bars NYE

If you are into bar culture and want to celebrate New Year’s Eve at a bar rather than at a beach or a street, you must contemplate visiting Byron Bay Bar for the NYE party. The bar throws a big New Year bash every year and many locals as well as visitors attend the bash in large numbers. Immerse yourself in the best live bands and DJs performing solely for the visitors. Alternatively, you can even look for a bar called Cheeky Monkey’s. All the bars are open on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day so if you missed out on partying on the 31st night, you can party hard on the 1st of January. 

6. Byron Bay New Years Eve Fireworks

Byron Bay is the home of an awe-inducing fireworks display every year during NYE. The city springs to life during the New Year season with overwhelming tourists and festivities. The Byron Bay New Years Eve Fireworks display is usually held at the waterfront and legions of visitors and locals gather at the venue at midnight to witness the mesmerizing fireworks show. To supplement the fun, many live performances, parties, etc. will take place alongside the fireworks display. For those who wish to celebrate the New Year in the open air watching the beautiful fireworks with crowds, the waterfront setting is apt. 

7. First Sun New Year’s Day

For those who missed out on the NYE celebrations, there is good news. The Main Beach Byron Bay will host First Sun festivities on New Year’s Day at Cape Byron Lighthouse. The event starts at 5:15 AM on New Year’s Day. The events that are conducted during the session are yoga classes, meditation classes, sand sculpting classes, etc. for free. The main intention of hosting this event is to greet the sun on the first day of the year. This event is attended by many people of different age groups. 

8. The Beach Hotel

The Byron Bay Beach Hotel New Year’s Eve is yet another promising destination for those who seek to make memories while bidding adieu to the year and ringing in the New Year. On NYE, the Beach Hotel gets all dolled up, and everything is perfectly set for the upcoming big celebrations. You can have a smashing time at the event listening and grooving to the local talents. If you are okay with draining your wallet a bit, you can buy a ticket to the Green Room VIP Lounge where you can get VIP entry to the event as well as mouth-savoring international cuisines.


Well, these are some super exciting Things To Do In Byron Bay For New Years Eve. We hope our suggestions have helped you draft a perfect getaway for this New Year’s to Byron Bay, Australia. These destinations we have mentioned will make your New Year even more special. You can party like there’s no tomorrow in these destinations and make memories for life. However, to have the best time in Byron Bay, you must first find accommodation. During the New Year time, most of the top hotels fill up super quick, so you have to book much in advance to avoid hassle. For more articles on new year, have a look at regularly.

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