Which City and Country Celebrates New Year’s First

On the New Year day, people observe intense celebrations to make it noteworthy.  Usually, it is on December 31st that people celebrate the New Year and at the midnight they welcome the New Year.  According to the Gregorian calendar that many follow, New Year is celebrated on the last day of the year.  People come together, meet and greet and sing and dance and have fun like no other day. January 1st is observed as the first day of the New Year according to Gregorian and Julian calendar. If you want to know Which Country Celebrates New Year First, then you have to go through this article.  Why late? Read on!

Which Country Celebrates New Year First

When it comes to First Country to Celebrate New Year for the first time, it tracks back to 153 BCE in Rome according to civil Roman calendar.  However, Romans still used to celebrate the new year on March 1st. As we all know, the time zone varies from country to country.  There are around 24 different time zones in the world. This implies that New Year is celebrated in 24 different time zones in different parts of the world.  Whatever the country is, the New Year is celebrated according to its local time which is defined by the Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

Rome : First Country to Celebrate New Year For The First Time

It is said that the first places to celebrate new year across the world include Sydney Harbour in the first place where the fireworks go on air at midnight.  There are other notions that claim strongly that the new year is first celebrated on the small island nations of Tonga, Samoa and Kiribati.  Stands next are New Zealand in New Year celebrations followed by Australia, Japan, South Korea and Bakers Island.

Sydney Harbour New Year Fireworks

The aspect that decides which nation celebrates new year first is credited to the time zone primarily.  The time zones are calculated using solar, lunar and other prominent calendars in use.  These calendars specify the date and along the time zone of the New Year clearly. Unlike the countries that celebrate New Year on 1st January with different time zones, Chinese celebrate their new year between January 21st and February considering the new moon of the first month of the lunar month.

So, Kiritimati, Apia, Salelologa are the First Cities to Celebrate New Year.  Whatever the time zone and is and whether we celebrate it first or last, the thing to remember is to celebrate.  Just celebrate. Happy new year in advance to all our website readers!

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