Best Family Movies To Watch On New Year Eve

Other than waiting for the ball drop at the Times Square and partying with friends at the night clubs, we can actually do a lot that matters on the New Year. There is no need to go out and chill all the time to get that New Year vibes. You can even sit at home and feel the New Year vibes with proper planning and execution. You would have done many things on the New Year’s Eve in the past years like singing carols, playing games, having delicacies etc, but this time try out watching some outstanding family movies that will make your New Year one of the finest ones to remember. Here we present you Family New Year’s Eve Movies that will rejoice your New Year.

New Year Eve Movies for The Family

If you have kids at home you would definitely look for things that make them happy. Other than playing and eating, this New Year plan to watch some heartwarming movies with your kids so that they get that good feel while beginning a New Year. You can stay up until midnight waiting to welcome the New Year and in the meantime watch the movie from our New Year Eve Movies For the Family picks with your entire family. Don’t miss out on these movies and enjoy the best time of your life with your family while seeing off the old year.

1. Holiday Inn

As Christmas and New Year celebrations go hand in hand, Holiday Inn is a movie that you can catch on any of both festivities. Not just for these two big festivals, but also for other celebrations as well. You get to watch beautiful songs and dances all throughout the movie and the surprising thing is that the movie showcases different holidays all the year starting with the New Year Eve.

2. Sleepless In Seattle

This movie is one of the best Family Movies To Watch On New Year’s Eve. If you want a mix up of romance and humour then this movie is just for you to watch on the New Year Eve. With power-packed fun, this movie offers great entertainment to the viewers. The movie starts on Christmas Eve and ends on New Year Eve. The movie is about a man who was saved by a woman from death. Interestingly, the women has huge crush on him and the man mistakes her for his dead wife. Both find love in each other’s company.

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3. The Princess Bride

The movie is made based on a novel written by William Goldman in the same name ‘The Princess Bride’. The movie is about a young man and women who love each other very much. They both get separated for years and the man has to find her and save her from evils of the mythical kingdom. You can enjoy this movie with your entire family. If you enjoy fairy tale stories then this fun twist movie is a big go to movie on the New Year eve.

4. Julie & Julia

Two young women Julie and Julia share common passion for cooking. Julie, a blogger by professions determines to bring out Julia’s cooking techniques into light. With time they get separated, by their passion for cooking bring them together and intertwine their lives. Though people around them think that they don’t possess the talent to achieve their goal, they still take on the challenge to pursue their passion. It is an inspiring movie to watch on the New Year. 

5. Pitch Perfect

New Year is all about celebrations and happiness. The celebrations can be made bigger with music on. The movie presents a fresh thought where a college fresher named Beca joins an all-girls cappella group and adds freshness into them all. With catchy songs and laughable movies everywhere, this movie is a must-watch on the New Year Eve.

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6. While You Were Sleeping

This is one of the favorite movies for many out there. No matter how many times you watch it, your heart still wants it again and again; that’s the kind of magic this movie spills on everyone. The movie is again set on Christmas eve and you will literally enjoy every bit of it. Though the relationship between the leads start with a lie, still it can be blindly considered as destiny. With good balance of romance and comedy, the director has brought before us such an exceptional movie. This is one of the Best New Year Family Movies to watch. 

7. The Lunchbox

This Indian film is next level movie to watch on the New Year eve. Starring the most veteran actor Irfaan Khan in the lead role, this movie has so much to say. As the name says, it is a movie that is based on food. We usually have lots of delicacies on the eve and this movie full of delicacies will definitely be a match for the New Year Eve celebrations. If you are thinking of watching some foreign movie with different concept altogether, then this movie could be your best choice.

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8. In Time

Another movie in our list of Best Family Movies to Watch On the New Years Eve is In Time. With each passing year we get old. The gone year takes our age away from us. Not everyone likes to watch a romantic comedy movie on the New Year Eve. Some may prefer to watch some unusual or different stuff as well. If you are someone with that kind of interest then this movie is for you. The idea of never getting aged after 25 is the main point of this movie. Especially on the occasion like New Year, this concept fits in perfectly. You will get to watch great action sequences and fights in this movie.

9. Serendipity 

It is good to see that good things happen by chance. Though it is luck by chance scenario, it gives positive vibes out. This is a story about a young women and a man whose romance is short-lived as they leave it for the fate to bring them together. With a hope that the destiny will bring them together in the future, they take different paths of life. 

10. Phantom Thread

This movie is about a named dress designer and a beautiful waitress. The man falls head over heels in love with the waitress and his life changes drastically after that. While the designer is quite older, the waitress is in her 20s or so. How love blossoms between these two and where it will take him to forms the rest of the story. If you want to catch a different love story this New Year then blindly stream Phantom Threat in your idiot box on the Eve night. 

So yeah we sum up here our Family New Year’s Eve Movies list. As we progress towards ending the old year and entering a New Year, these movies will accompany you by giving you a good pack of entertainment. If you like them bookmark our website – NEWYEARWIKI.COM and keep visiting us again and again for more interesting New Year articles. If you have more movies in your kitty that you would want to suggest, then please share them in the comments section below. We would appreciate your suggestions.

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