10 Best New Year Comedy Movies of All Time

Everyone love humor and it is a true blessing that we have movies that offer us great entertainment. With the impending New Year, we thought that why not stay home this eve and celebrate the New Year in a unique way by catching some all-time comedy movies? Yup! Implementing the same in action, we brought before you Best New Year Comedy Movies that will fill you with the ultimate holiday spirit and give you those laugh out louder moments. You are assured that you won’t miss out those glittery posh parties where you dance and drink with your friends. These movies shall give you that New Year kick promisingly. 

Ring in the New Year with these best comedy movies and have a blast at your home with your kin. We have listed out some good number of hilarious movies that will tickle your funny bones and will leave their stamp on your hearts forever. So, why late! Have a read and start the tickling.

Best New Year Comedy Movies 

Celebrating New Year with kin is something that makes us feel very happy. As it is a holiday time, everyone will be at home and so you can sit for a meal and chit chat with them. On the previous night of New Year as we all start our countdown to the ball drop, we can actually make that time more fun by watching a movie together with the entire family sitting in the same room.

Best New Year Comedy Movies
Best New Year Comedy Movies

If you are in quest for the suggestions over the Comedy Movies To Watch On New Year’s Eve then the list is as follows. 

1. Yolki

Yolki also titled as Six Degrees of Celebration is a comedy movie directed by Timur Bekmambetov. The movie has six installments under the same name and is one of the most hilarious movies to watch on the New Year Eve. You can witness Russian tradition in all these installments and it takes place on the New Year Eve. You will be introduced to 11 different characters and all these people face difficult situations on the Eve day which they can get through by six degrees of separation. 

2. 200 Cigarettes

200 Cigarettes is again a comedy movie directed by Risa Bramon Garcia. The movie sets in New Year city where the characters enter a New Year party and many events take place between them. The party host Monica throws a big New Year bash for his friends, but fears that they hit miss to it. She passes out after having alcohol and wakes up in the next morning just to know that all her invitees made visit to her party and had a blast there. The way the movie is narrated and the screenplay was directed simply makes us all laugh. 

3. Dinner For One

The movie has another title ‘The 90th Birthday’ is a comedy movie that is super popular in German. The movie has British comedians Freddie Frinton and May Warden in lead roles. Traditionally the people in Germany watch this movie on the New Year Eve without skipping. It was many a times telecasted on the idiot boxes as well.  The movie showcases Miss Sophie celebrating her 90th birthday and as a ritual invites her close buddies to the party who are no more. Her butler James impersonates those guests and it is too funny to watch him don all those four roles by himself. 

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4. The Irony of Fate

This movie adds little romance other than the comedy. This movie will excite you in every way and is a perfect pick for the New Year. The director has made sure to keep it as humorous as possible, which is why it made to our list today. The movie starts with the architecture of the entire Soviet Union gets uniform in every detail to an extent that the door keys are also same for all the apartments. Four friends meet up for a party before the New Year Eve and two of them pass out. 

One man among them Zhenya who was supposed to go back home to celebrate the Eve with his finacee was mistakenly sent to another place via plane. As the architecture, key and everything are uniform; he gets into a house that belongs to a woman named Nadya. What happens next forms the rest of the story and you will surely be thrilled on watching it. 

5. In Search of a Midnight Kiss

In Search of a Midnight Kiss is a comedy movie directed by Alex Holdridge. The movie is about a man named Wilson who sustains a bad year and is close to a New Year. He is penniless and jobless. He decides to be alone and so locks his doors, climb into bed until his bestie Jacob suggests him to post a personal ad in Craigslist. In no time, Vivian gets back to him whose intention is to be with a right man before the New Year strikes.

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6. Highball

To increase their social circle, newly married couple decides to throw three big parties to their friends. They invite their friends to their lavish Brooklyn apartment. The main aim of throwing the party is to test the friend’s relationships. The parties are thrown on Birthday, Halloween and New Year Eve. 

7. New Year’s Eve

The movie has many stories of different characters interconnected with each other. All these stories happen on one day and that is one the New Year eve. The movie depicts stories of different people facing various problems and ought to find solutions and stay happy following the New Year. 

8. Bridge and Tunnel

One more Fun Movies To Watch On New Years Eve is Bridge and Tunnel. It is directed by Jason Mechael Brescia and has ensemble cast. The movie starts on New Year eve with 6 young men are headed to Manhattan. They spend the holiday and on return get arrested due to DWI. A year passes with so much happening around and these younglings growing as well. Another New Year arrives and they get ready to participate in a New Year’s party at one of their friends’ apartment. 

9. Party Party

Party Party is a comedy film directed by Terry Winsor. It is a British comedy film about three teen friends who want to explore romance and sex as their parents go out of station. The film kicks off on the New Year Eve and has so many fun elements to watch other than romance.  How these teens socialize and what fun it has it in its store is up for you to watch and enjoy.

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10. It Happened on 5th Avenue 

It Happened on 5th Avenue is a comedy movie directed by Roy Del Ruth. It is a complete entertainment-packed movie where the main lead Michael O-Connor finds out that his house was occupied by some homeless people. So to investigate what has actually happened, he disguises himself as a homeless and stays with them. 

These are our picks for Best New Year Comedy Movies. Not only on the New Year Eve, if you have time, you can catch up these movies anytime from online for free. We shall shortly update our page with more and more comedy flicks that you can watch on the New Year so that you will have handful of them. If you like our list, then give us a big thumbs up by bookmarking our website – NEWYEARWIKI.COM.

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