How To Say Happy New Year 2023 In Korean

Korean is one of the finest languages in the world.  The country and the people are very pleasant and are lovable.  Many people have this habit of following the entertainment offered by Korean Broadcasting channels through internet.  If you are one among them who follows Korean stuff then you surely will search for Happy New Year in Korean.  If so, then give this Korean wishes a try.  You can wish your friends and dear ones with new year wishes in Korean language once you are aware of them.

How to Say Happy New Year In Korean

The interesting thing about Korean new year is that, they have two new year celebrations every year.  Yes! You read it right. Koreans celebrate new year twice annually. One is Solar New Year and another is Lunar New Year.  The solar new year is usually celebrated on January 1st and the lunar new year is celebrated in late January or early February.  On the new year eve people visit their families and celebrate with delicacies.  They also visit ancestors’ graves to offer prayers. If you are in quest for How To Say Happy New Year In Korean then check this article out.  We have given some Korean phrases to wish happy new year in Korean.

Happy New Year In Korean
Happy New Year In Korean

You can use these Korean wishes not just to say them verbally to your buddy, but also you can print it on a greeting card and present it to him/her along with a gift.  Koreans pay a lot of respect to each other while speaking. They use respective words even while wishing. So, if you want to say Happy New Year 2023 In Korean Language, you have to be very respective with your words.

There are tons of ways to wish new year in Korean, but you better follow the formal way when you are wishing someone elder than you.  You have to say “행복한 새해 되세요 (haengbokan saehae doeseyo)” to wish someone in Korean.   This is a formal way to say new year wishes, but if you want to wish your close buddy on the new year eve, the wishes are little different.

If you want to know How Do You Say Happy New Year In Korean then read.  The informal way to say new year greetings in Korean is – “새해 복 많이 받아  (saehae bok mani bada)

Hope this article on How To Say Happy New Year In Korean is suffice to your requirement.  If you want to read more about new year, keep visiting our website often.

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