7 Spanish New Year Traditions

New Year is the most celebrated festival in the world and is meant to cheer up the spirit of everyone to kick start New Year with a new hope. The countdown to the New Year has started and we are here with an exciting topic and that is Spanish New Year Tradition. If you are from Spain or want to spend this New Year in there, check out the traditions that the people of Spain follow sincerely to attract luck. There are certain traditions that Spanish people love to observe on the New Year with a strong belief that they would bring love, prosperity and luck for them in the coming days. With the same belief we are here with the traditions of the beautiful Country, Spain. If you have interest in knowing about them give this article a read.

Spanish New Year Traditions

Our local guide will let you explore the traditions of Spain in the most beautiful way. These traditions will definitely let you bow down and insist you on observing them thoroughly. We are sure you will enjoy knowing the New Year traditions of Spain. Attract good fortune this holiday season with these traditions at hand. Spanish people are foodies and they linked the luck factor with food itself. There are multiple Spanish New Year’s Eve Traditions that are associated with food and you will have great time reading them. In short, to have a great year you can eat your heart out. 

1. Twelve Grapes

Eating 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight on the New Year is a very common tradition in most parts of the world. Millions of people observe this tradition very sincerely on the New Year as it is said to bring luck. As soon as the clock strikes midnight on the New Year’s Eve people start eating 12 grapes and finish them off in 12 seconds, each for a second. The belief is that eating the green grapes representing each grape for a month brings good luck. Before the clock stops chiming the twelve grapes should be gabbled and people do it with utmost sincerity. It is a super fun tradition to follow on the New Year that will leave you in splits.

2. Lottery 

There is a lottery tradition followed by the people of Spain on Christmas rather than New Year which is pretty popular. As we all know Christmas and New Year go hand in hand and so observing the lottery tradition irrespective of when it is observed, New Year or Christmas is very much the same. This tradition comes tagged with luck and is conducted every year on December 22. The Gordo lottery is the world’s biggest draw and is surrounded with many interesting superstitions and myths. There is this hilarious belief that says rubbing the lottery ticket against pregnant woman’s belly, a cat’s back or a bald man’s head will allow you to emerge as the winner.

3. Lentil Soup

Lentil soup is consumed on the New Year’s day as a part of the tradition. The tradition of eating the soup is believed to bestow luck. Usually in most parts of the world black-eyed peas and ham are consumed to attract luck, but in Spain they eat lentils and chorizo sausage to attract luck. According to the tradition, the lentils represent coins and eating them for lunch is said to bring wealth in the coming year. In the chilly season of January this is a great soup to stay warm.

4. Red Underwear

If you want to be struck by the love wearing red underwear is the right way to do it. If you got red underwear at hand you are lucky enough this year according to Spanish people. There is another tradition on the similar lines with slight difference that says this tradition of wearing red underwear on the New Year’s attracts luck only if the underwear were a gift. In another tradition the festive underpants should be donated before the night ends to be struck by love. If you don’t own a read underpant fret not as most of the shops in Spain will stock up hugely on them.

5. Cava

If you want to have great fortune in the coming year this tradition is just for you.  Drinking Cava is yet another New Year’s Eve Traditions in Spain. This tradition involves dropping gold into a glass of cava and drinking it. Before the toast in the midnight people drop gold into their glass of cava and drink it. This tradition is also associated with good luck and you have to finish the entire glass of it to attain luck. Another variation to this tradition is putting strawberry, cherry or raspberry in the glass of cava abd drinking it. For instance the above things represent love. 

6. First Step Matters 

The first step taken on the New Year makes a difference. Taking the first step that too on the right foot makes a huge difference according to New Year’s tradition in Spain. To attain luck you have to use your right foot for your first step on New Year’s Day. In another variation one should walk into the house on New Year’s Eve with right foot. 

7. Cookies 

Another New Year’s Traditions in Spain is saving cookies with a coin all throughout the year. This tradition is believed to bring fortune. On January 17, bakers celebrate the Saint’s day by making round cookies marked with a cross. It is believed that saving one of these cookies with a coin throughout the year will make financially strong.

Do celebrate the New Year with these Spanish New Year Tradition and get attracted by good luck and prosperity. We wish you all a happy New Year. If you find the traditions of Spain great, do observe them and stay tuned to our website to receive more updates on New Year traditions of various countries. Also bookmark our website – NEWYEARWIKI.COM. We shall be updating this page often so that you can learn about the latest happenings quickly.

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