How to Throw a Roaring 20’s New Years Party

Throwing a New Year Eve bash is a no joke now-a-days. It requires a very good planning and organizational skills to start with. With the upcoming New Year, party throwers must be in a dilemma as to how to make it an unforgettable event for everyone. Especially, if your mind asks for a Roaring 20s New Years Party then a lot of preparation should be done for it. Most of us usually search the Pinterest to get the ideas, but not all searches end in a successful lead. Considering the enthusiasm of the party lovers, we are here with the finest ways to throw a roaring 20s New Years party. Have a look!

How to Throw a Roaring 20s New Years’ Party

As we ring out 2023 and ring in 2024, we all have one thing in mind and that is how to make the party successful. Dating back to the 1920s, the glitzy and glamorous parties are a huge trend. The Great Gatsby themed parties are no exception as well. The classic tunes played all the night until the ball drop accompanied with gin cocktails, dim lights, jazz, attires etc make it one of the most finest way of throwing a roaring 20s new years’ party. 

Roaring 20's New Years Party
Roaring 20’s New Years Party

For a super successful Roaring 20s New Years Eve Party, you have to consider many things in particular. Here we shall mention them all for you. From dress code to drinks and décor we have covered it all for you. 

Dress Code

To bring that roaring party look in this 21st century, you have to follow the dress code that belongs to the old time. We are not asking you to dress up in ball gowns and tuxes, but to bring that look donning cocktail attire is a must. You can request your guests to wear the said attire as a dress code. It is half work done in making it a roaring party already. The dress code itself brings that 20s look to your party and you will be fueled with that most-required energy. 


In 20s, art decoration is quite popular. Hang the art deco architecture in the entire house to bring the 20s feel. You can also use feathers as centerpieces in the house. You can use the old-style cutlery to serve your guests drinks and other delicacies. Instead of heavy lighting and all, go with dim lighting as it goes well with the 20s concept. Get the jazzy playlist and play it all the night in the party.


For a Roaring 20s New Years Eve Party 2023 you have to look up for cocktails. In 20s people used to use coupe glasses to serve drinks like cocktails, wine etc. To make it look very much like Gatsby themed party you have to get those glasses too. Now we use champagne flutes to serve the cocktails, but instead go with the coupe glasses. Instead of buying the glasses putting wholesome of money, you can rent them as well. Gin is also a must among the cocktails. 


In the time of 20s Wonder Bread used to be served hugely while Chinese and Italian foods were considered foreign. You can go for crab stuffed mushrooms, eggs, different sandwiches, hams etc. If you have good amount to invest on the party then you can employ few servers to serve the delicious dishes to your guests. If your guest list is huge then make sure you order it outside in the best place possible. Add sweets and fruits as well to the menu. Jello used to be very much present in the list. Special mention is cake, which is mandatory for New Years Eve Roaring 20s Party. As soon as the clock strikes 12 you can cut the cake in presence of all your guests and toast the champagne welcoming the New Year. 

Well, these are all what you need to throw a Roaring 20s New Years Party. Everything quite simple right! You can check out some pictures in Pinterest for ideas and make it more authentic. If you like the info we shared, do bookmark our website – New Year Wiki and watch this space.

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