Why Do We Celebrate New Year?: Importance of New Year Celebration

New Year eve is considered as an important day by one and all and the main reason being tagged with the word ‘new’.  We always give special attention and importance to new things in life. The same formula applies here as well. The new things that take place in the New Year have a great impact on us.  Though many of us not have this question in mind, few do have this question of ‘Why Do We Celebrate New Year’.  Even we have the same question and that is the reason why we are here today to discuss it with you.  Let us get going.

Why Do We Celebrate New Year

Just one single strike of the clock will change the year to a whole new one.  Though it can be considered as a usual tick, it is not because it not just changes the date and month, but also the year we have lived for 365 days.  It is considered pretty important by many as it signifies the beginning. New Year is not just about celebrations and resolutions; it is more than what meets the eye.  It symbolizes motivation for many new beginnings.

Why Do We Celebrate New Year
Why Do We Celebrate New Year

Another new 365-day journey begins with the New Year eve being the first day.  Though we live the same life with just a set of new resolutions made to break later, we tend to believe that it is a new start.  If you ask us why new year is celebrated, then our answer is that, the meaning behind celebrating New Year is not just about welcoming a brand new year successfully and making easily breakable resolutions or promises, there is a hidden meaning to it.

There is a great need for all of us to uncover the hidden truth behind the New Year celebration and live accordingly.  The main purpose of making resolutions is larger than life as it aims at living healthy and longer and to be a better person, which is the best thing one can ever do in life.  As the future cannot be predicted, the resolutions can make us resolute to make it predictable with the deeds we do at the very present. Though we knew that uncertain days are on the calendar for us, we commit to promises to make them certain, at least we try.

In reality, why we celebrate new year is a question for many.  A study by British psychologist Richard Wiseman found that “Nothing changes on New Years Day.”  Also, new year resolutions are never new. They are the same old resolutions that are coming from ages like lose weight, stay fit, eat less, treat people better, make lots of friends, save money etc.  At the end of the day, whatever we do is for our own survival. So, remember that and aim your resolutions accordingly.

Importance of New Year Celebration

The Importance of New Year Celebration is that, New Year celebrations hold a greater significance.  Not just in this modern era, but from decades and decades back it holds its significances tight.  Whatever tradition or culture we follow on the New Year day, let that be fireworks, dining, rituals, resolutions etc, the only intention is that the gained good through that will help them have a prosperous year ahead.  The only big belief here is that the things we do and the emotions we go through on the New Year will have a great impact on the days to follow in the year. So, the first day of the year is always celebrated with much pomp by everyone.

Just forget everything to the dark and light the fireworks on the midnight to welcome New Year.  Hope your questions on Why Do We Celebrate New Year are answered in this article.  For more such interesting topics, subscribe to our website – newyearwiki.com.

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